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    Starting up a cafe in Europe- where do I start????

    mariquita Newbie
      Forgive me for sounding clueless...

      I have my ideas, I have a bit of knowledge behind how to start a business and I know how to run a business... but I am going over and over in my mind where to actually start!

      Should I....

      • Find a place to rent/buy first?
      • Look for an investor/bank loan?
      • Write up a business plan before anything?
      • Source my suppliers and look at costs in different areas first?
      I just need everything to be completely clear in my mind of which order to do these. I am still young but I am hoping to get this all planned out in my mind before I do anything!

      Any advice and ideas would be greatly appreciated!

      Anyone started up a cafe recently????


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting up a cafe - where do I start????

          You move from your mind to developing a business plan on paper or computer.

          Let me know if I can help??

          Good luck
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              mariquita Newbie
              Thanks for your reply! I'll try and either scan in my ideas or write it down and post it if that would help? Any help would be great!

              I main area which I'm pretty stuck on is actually deciding on whether to settle for a community based cafe or one that could be run through the summer with tourism on the coast and benefit from the profits and income from the locals in the winter. How to find an investor, whether to ask an aquaintance or the bank.

              I have experience within the hospitality industry, waitressing which I enjoy and kitchen work. I have recently worked running a bakery so I know about suppliers, orders, how NOT to run a business! And how to treat staff etc... I have my personal alcohol license and health and safety etc etc etc I'm currently trying to go back to a catering school to get a formal qualification just to broaden my knowledge a little more. Would you suggest a business calss would be more beneficial as you don;t need a formal qualification to open a catering/cafe business?

              The step of actually taking the financial risk and how on earth to actually get the money seems daunting...and a bit unknown!
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              Hensiv Newbie
              Europe is quite large so you shoould first check the local legal rules for preparing food. The costs to equip a cafe may be huge in some countries so you should make sure that you know what is needed before you rent or buy any place. It is best if all the necessary equipment is already in place and approved. What is needed will also depend on what type of food or drinks you plan to serve.

              So please make sure that your plans match with the type of equipment the cafe has.