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    It is December, Party Time.

    LUCKIEST Guide
      Go to work, put in an 8 hour or more day. Barely get anything done.
      Endless interruptions and distractions, Planning days off, shopping online.
      Is this the start of the holiday season, so it is ok to spin our wheels and not feel guilty.
      Wait until next year, LUCKIEST
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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          I don't know. I have found myself working just as hard as always and not finding many distractions interrupting me this year.
          How about everybody else on this site? Are you feeling the holiday interruptions?
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              slavaret Adventurer
              I think if you work from home and your office is in cybespace, most interruptions are self-made and it's a matter of self-discipline to minimize them.

              When I was a stock broker, we used to get training on how to minimize office interreptions: if someone comes into your office, you don't offer them a seat and/or stand up yourself, if the phone rings - you excuse yourself that you have to take the important call, if they sit down - you get up while talking and start walking out of the office so they will follow you out, keep the chairs in front of your desk cluttered with stuff that you clear up for scheduled appointments, etc.

              I would be curious to hear about new "virtual"/home office interruptions and how people are handling them.
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                  CorpCons08 Ranger

                  Thank you for your comment slavaret.

                  "I would be curious to hear about new "virtual"/home office interruptions and how people are handing them."


                  Before I leased my space in my office building, I had a home office in which I mainly operated. I honestly think I had less interruptions with my home office than I do at my new office space. The reason is, family is more understanding of your time than your employees are. Your employees constantly are interrupting you with questions or problems. They want to know if they can have time off, or if they can come in late one day. I sometimes take work home and do it at my home office because I can get more done. lol
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                Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                Virtual distractions:

                1.) This online community; I enjoy the responses and posts so much I sometimes check end and spend time on the site when I need a brain break - sometimes that brain break takes 30 -45 minutes, LOL!

                2.) Text messages - my kids are teenagers and involved in afterschool activities, I believe they have forgotten how to use a telephone so I get text messages from 3-6 telling me where they are and when they need to be picked up.

                3.) I check email on the fly, so it is not just email from clients, my virtual assistant, or my wife, it is the 101 email newsletters I subscribe to, the Lands End email specials and my all time favorite alerts from USC sports (the real USC - University of South Carolina class of 88', Go Gamecocks!)

                4.) Shopping online - I haven't been to a mall this year. I finished my Christmas shopping all online, on Black Friday.
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  We nearly always have client projects with year-end milestones, and about 80 percent of the technical work seems to get done in the last 20 percent of the available time. So right up until Christmas, we still have too much work left to do to be distracted.

                  My teams are mostly telecommuters and independent contractors, so we tend not to have the interruptions, festive atmosphere, or other pre-holiday "distractions" you find in a typical workplace. (Unfortunately, we don't have all the homemade treats, either!) Those with school age kids definitely have more activities to fit in this time of year, but as I noted in another thread, we mainly work toward project deliverables, not a time clock -- so I think the flexible schedule helps them be where they need to be.

                  I love Christmas and the spirit that accompanies it. For me personally, though, outdoor summertime activities present more of a distraction. As the weather cools off and it gets dark earlier, I find it easier to be inside and focused on work.
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                    BDS INC Adventurer
                    I will have to concur about this board. It is so much more active now than when I first joined it is truly a community. What blows me away is just how in depth the responses are - you folks really care from DomainDiva to Lighthouse, Luckiest, CorpCons08, Ed and the rest, the responses are great!

                    What distracts me more than anything is email. I have brokers send me emails for way more properties than I could conceivable or would even want to buy.