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    Looking for advice on starting a clothing line for women

    rymed2008 Newbie


      I am trying to start my own women clothing line, can anybody give me some advice on how to get started.
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          wedplans2009 Newbie
          can u design clothes? u have to be able to design for all body types. and try to market yourself on different sites too.
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            jimmybelt Adventurer

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              phanio Pioneer
              Couple of suggestions: First, there is a member on this forum (the sologuide - - his name is Doug - that provides outstanding advice for new busienss owners. You should contact him and see what he can offer. Second, try SCORE ( or find a local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in your area. Both of these organizations can help you develop and reserch your business.

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                I recommend that you start with defining your USP (unique selling proposition), doing market research and developing your business plan.


                I know that this all can sound very generic, so instead of going into lengthy details on each, I am going to include a couple of links to explain what I am talking about.


                Finding Your USP:




                How will you differentiate yourself and draw customers to you when they have numerous options for buying clothes? You need to make sure that you have a well defined USP. And don't try to create clothes for the everyone market. You need to make sure that you determine the niche that you will service that combines your experience, strengths and passion. Wal-Mart, Dillard's, Macy's, Target, etc... has a far bigger budget for servicing the everyone market. Don't try to play the game of a Goliath when you are starting out as a David. There are advantages to being a small business if you take the time to research and plan your business well.


                Here is a link to my Planning page giving info on how to develop a business plan:




                Here is a link to my Research page discussing how to go about gathering appropriate market research to help define your USP and Business plan:




                Please let me know what questions you have after reviewing this.


                Joe, thanks for the compliments and recommendation. BTW, Rymed2008, Joseph (phanio) is a great person to go to for funding information.


                Hope this helps.


                Doug Dolan


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                  Ms_Boss Adventurer
                  Here is a list of the top 10 tasks that will set you on your way to creating a succesful clothing line from scratch...

                  1. Create a business name and design a logo (research to ensure that it's a name no one else has)
                  2. Register your business name (@ Count Clerk or City Clerk's office)
                  3.Trademark your business name/ logo
                  4. Retrieve an Employment Idenification Number (EIN) or tax ID
                  5. Open up a business bank account/ start saving money
                  6. Choose your target market/ products to sell
                  7. Write a business plan/ marketing plan/ or project plan
                  8. Read books about starting a clothing line/ google search for more info
                  9. Create a portfolio of sketches/ or photos of your creations
                  10. Get business cards/ start networking

                  Feel free to contact me for more information
                  Deanna E. Ellis
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                    bizconsultant Scout
                    There are tons of free resources out there to help you, and lots of free advice on starting a business. But one thing I can tell you aside from the usual (ie: write a business plan, contact SBA, find a niche,....etc) is to get to the root of why you want to start a clothing line. If its something you are passionate about, focus on attracting a group of people into your life that share that same passion and do some brainstorming and resource sharing. The biggest mistake entrepreneurs make besides not hiring a compentent consultant, is trying to go it alone. Get a support system to make sure your actions and thoughts are in alignment.

                    Much success to you :)

                    If you would like to talk further , feel free to contact me at