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My Merchandise Online Retail Store

dreamer7 Newbie
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I want to open an online merchandise retail store similar to a beauty shop.

I don't want a warehouse.

A model example would be

I need help knowing where to began & the appropriate steps to take to start my business.

Do I need to set-up the website before contacting the companies whose products I want to sell?
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    eBusiness09 Newbie
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    Depending on the company. Will you be dropshipping(re-selling) or will you have an inventory? is having a free 3 page website deal now to start off
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    nj_ItInfra Novice
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    In order to open a online merchandise retail store, you need to have a ecommerce website, where you can list all your beaty products and have it integrated with any ecommerce system to manage the online payments. Let me know, if you need any further info or help on that.

    NJ Business
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    eBusiness09 Newbie
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    you can e-mail me at
    Free 4 page website and we can have you setup with an eCommerce website
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    Hymesdesign Novice
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    I believe the thing the other posters are neglecting to tell you is first you need to find a supplier, in this case, as you don't want to have inventory at your house, you're looking for a dropshipper. The problem with finding a dropshipper through forums is that most people that know who you should be doing business with won't tell you because then you'd be their competition.

    After you have a dropshipper, then you can look into getting an e-commerce site built, and I'd recommend being willing to pay something for it, these free solutions that the others are tossing around as good ideas are almost definitely not, though I didn't visit any of the sites to see what exactly the catch would have been. A tip though, most dropshippers are going to want your EIN, which you can pay to have someone else get for you, that's what I did back in the day when I had a store online.

    Let me know if you have anymore questions, and feel free to contact me through PM or email me through my website, but I won't go as far as to actually self promote my services here.
  • Re: My Merchandise Online Retail Store Newbie
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    There are a number of steps to take to make such a business profitable.

    First, identify what concepts or what products you wish to promote. Are you looking to promote cosmetics or the idea of anti-aging, for example.

    Second, develop a website that will attract customers to your website. You can see a number of sites at . These sites were built almost entirely by individual people, not by large companies. And they are all successful.

    Creating the website is only the beginning. Promoting the business presents even more challenges. You can either pay for advertising, like with AdWords, or you can generate traffic by creating interest in your site. Honestly, both approaches work. The AdWords approach is faster; generating interest is more effective over the long term.

    Along the way you will find the specific companies that you want to work with. I use the plural "companies" because you will want to work with more than one. Don't place your whole future on one company; if that company goes under, so do you. So develop a group of companies that you can work with and whose products you can promote.

    Don't expect it to come together overnight. It won't. Building a solid business takes time and energy. But it can happen, and does happen, many thousands of times every single year.

    Wishing you every success with your new business.

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