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    How Effective is Google Adwords

    sincerebasket Newbie
      Ok. I have taken everyone's advice. Thank you LightHouse24 and NatOnline for continuing to support me and my website. And, thank you everyone else who has reviewed my website. NatOnline, I am looking into getting SSL. LightHouse24, I took out the shipping boxes. Thank yall.

      Now, how effective is Google Adwords? I just started a low budget account with them that I will be keeping a very close eye on.
      Are these the ads that show up as 'Sponsored Ads' or 'Sponsors' at the top and right side of the search results? I hardly ever really pay that much attention to those ads, unless I am really researching something and want all the info I can get.

      What are your opinions about the Adwords.
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          NatOnline Tracker
          Thank you Sincerebasket, we are here to help you and share our experiences.

          Adwords from Google can be a temporary alternative, and help you out for these holidays. In your Adwords account, there is a tool that will let suggest all keywords related to for example: gift baskets. You can test different keywords related to your e-commerce and the click cost should be mentionned.

          I am not an expert in Google Adwords, and it really depends on your budget. If you've got a $500 budget per month perhaps Biz Online can help you.

          Be sure to keep going in the same time to optimize your e-commerce with keyphrases or keywords.

          One other thing I found very helpful is to get listed in Yahoo directory, the cost is $300 per year but it is worth it.

          If you've got some other questions, I will be glad to help you.

          Good luck
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            NatOnline Tracker
            I forgot to tell you, if you need someone in SEO, give a try to David28078 he knows how to optimize a site.
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              CorpCons08 Ranger

              You can actually qualify for discounts and/or free months of adwords through Google through your webhost. I would contact them before doing anything else and ask them if they promote the Google adwords discounts.

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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                As you know, AdWords is a pay-per-click deal. You have a very successful competitor in gift basket sales that has an award winning website design, and they consider a 7 percent conversion rate to be outstanding. I think half that would be a challenging (yet realistic) expectation for you initially.

                So let's imagine that each "click" (visitor) costs you 10 cents through AdWords, and that 3.5 percent of your visitors actually order. That means it would cost you about $2.86 to get an AdWords-generated customer there who buys something. If your average profit margin on a sales transaction was higher than $2.86 in that case, then AdWords would work for you. If it wasn't, it wouldn't. You can plug in the actual numbers and see what you get.

                If you do that and think it might work, estimate how much new traffic AdWords might drive to your site each month. Let's imagine that you'll get 4,000 clicks a month (new visitors you wouldn't have gotten otherwise). That would convert to 140 baskets, and using the $2.86 above, you'd be spending about $400 a month on AdWords to sell those 140 baskets. So you could then ask yourself, "If I spent $400 a month on some other type of advertising or marketing, could I sell even more than that?" If not, AdWords would be a good choice.

                Hope this helps.
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                  Ed O'Gee Adventurer

                  I really have no clue about how effective Adwords is but I have a copy of the Bank of America small business magazine and Google/Visa are offering $50 in free advertising from Adwords. Here is the link:


                  Free is never a bad thing.

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                    Biz Online Adventurer
                    Hi Sincerebasket,
                    Welcome to the club.
                    Nat, thanks for the plug!
                    Lighthouse24 is right, it all boils down to profit margin. Adwords works for many people, but steering profitability in a new campaign is like the first time you drove a car!
                    Typical hosting accounts offer a $50 Adwords credit. Use it wisely by testing keywords, testing your targeting options, and above all, be sure and ad negative keywords so that your ads do not display for items related to gifts and baskets, and/or items you do not sell.

                    For a locally targeted campaign, think SMALL, think TEST, and then ANALYZE for your next steps.

                    Start small, 10-20 keyword phrases. Do NOT use single keywords, or broad keywords, like "gift baskets."
                    Target locally and/or regionally with the Google account settings to test.
                    Also, on targeting, select the Google Search, but NOT Google Network and NOT Content Network. NOTE: Google has these as defaults, and YOU MUST change them yourself after the campaign is set up.
                    Start with two different ads, and set the campaign to Rotate the ads. This way, you can test which ad has a better click through rate, the first step in the conversion process.
                    Make sure the page you point your ads towards include the keywords you are bidding on (do a search on Google Quality Score), you are building trust (member BBB, or Hacker Safe, etc.), and you can purchase within 2-3 clicks.

                    Throw me a question if you like. Again, welcome to the community!
                    Cliff Koraska
                    Biz Online
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                        NatOnline Tracker
                        You are welcome Cliff, you are the Adwords expert in this forum ;-)
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                          sincerebasket Newbie
                          Hi Cliff. I'm glad you joined the conversation.

                          Wow! This is an active group. I appreciate everyone's input and helping me. Obviously I am a 'virgin' to owning a website and advertising it properly. I am so thankful for all of you getting involved. So, please, keep it coming because I am determined to succeed at this.

                          Ok. This is what I have so far.

                          The keyword phrases I'm using were suggested by Google, and I have a bunch of them from different categories like baby baskets, mothers, fathers, holiday, etc.

                          I changed the targeted location from United States to Louisiana, my home state.

                          I turned OFF the Content Network, but I don't see where I can select Google Search. Where can I find that?

                          I did set up another ad. It's a variation of the one I set up already, but reads totally different and using the same keyword phrases. Both are active. Good or Bad? I don't see where to set them up on rotation.
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                              sincerebasket Newbie
                              I have to make something clear.

                              TurnkeyNation 'built' my website. But, actually, I think they kind of made a 'mirror site' of another on they did and modifed it on the domain name that I chose and modified it for gift baskets. OvisHosting is my hosting company.

                              The reason why I say that is because, if you were to look at the code on the homepage, you will see meta tags that don't fit my website. They are DVDs, hardware, software. I contacted them and they changed a lot of those meta tags for me, but a few of them are still there.

                              OvisHosting did tell me where to go to change that myself, but when I tried editing that file I messed up my site and it wouldn't load. So, they had to fix that for me.

                              My big downfall is they use cPanel. I'm not sure what exactly cPanel is. I definitely don't know how to edit any of the PHP files. The file that the meta tags are in is a PHP. The cPanel user's manual that I downloaded and printed is exactly 'user friendly' when it comes to novices like myself.

                              Is there anybody here who knows how to use cPanel and PHP? That would help out a lot too, I think.
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                                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                                  I just browsed your site again . . . I haven't seen any discussion of the AdBrite links that sit on the home page, so can I ask about those? Do you (or does anyone) think it's a problem to have things like "Looking for gift baskets? Search over 15,000 sites with one click" in the center of the home page with a link to an external site? Is it a problem to have additional links to unrelated sites (MLM scams, dating sites, etc.) that appear in that "prime" center space as well? And since I'm asking about all those, I may as well ask if you (or anyone) sees a problem with having links in the Ads by Google at the bottom of this site that shows your visitors the way to 200+ other competing gift basket sites? (At least that block is at the bottom.)

                                  By a "problem" I mean: 1) Are these ads/links consistent with the image you want to present, 2) Do these ads/links help a visitor become a buying customer (or do they steer buyers away), and 3) Do these ads/links artificially run up the click count (and your cost) if your link is showing up like that on other 200+ sites (e.g., thinking like a normal shopper, I followed those links to "comparison shop" and hit nearly 40 sites with essentially the same product -- yet I didn't buy from any of them. Would they each incur an AdWords click charge? If so, this could radically reduce your conversion rate if the opposite happens to you.).

                                  I realize there are a lot of learning experiences and trade-offs involved with this, so no criticism is intended -- just some things to consider (and get community input on) when you make your long term decision regarding AdBrite and AdWords.

                                  Continued best wishes!
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                                    NatOnline Tracker
                                    Sincerebaskets, I don't know Cpanel because it is php code and you are certainly hosted on Linux server.

                                    My e-commerce is in asp code, hosted on Windows server, but my control panel is Plesk, the advantage with Plesk, you can put sites in asp and php. The only problem wih Plesk, I cannot write redirect 301 like you can with Cpanel.
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                                        david28078 Adventurer
                                        Hey NatOnline Do you know of anyone that can fluff up and beautify a message board??? It's all php and asp and I am a mere SEO guy who doesn't want to get back into design.... I won't be buying a license until all the new social networking parts are added

                                        Also need a Word Press fluff up and luvly jubblify next year - key points are add ins and threaded messages

                                        Cheers everyone

                                        Don't shop 'til you drop - use Amazon ;)
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                                      Biz Online Adventurer

                                      *_I turned OFF the Content Network, but I don't see where I can select Google Search. Where can I find that?_<<br />Open Google account.
                                      Click Campaign Summary.
                                      Click Campaign you want to change.
                                      Click EDIT Campaign Settings (second line after the green bar across the page)
                                      The EDIT Campaign Settings Page will appear. On the right side of the page, you will see Networks.
                                      Under Networks, delselect Search Network.
                                      Also, at this point, make sure you deselect Content Network, if not already done so.

                                      As this can be confusing for others, the reasons for these selections is #1 This campaign is locally targeted, and #2 De-selecting the Google Search Network allows your ads to show only for your area, and not Google search partners area (which may be across the nation).

                                      Let me know if you have another question!
                                      Cliff Koraska - Biz Online
                                      Dallas internet marketing - keyword