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    mobile auto business

    morjackdan Newbie
      i am currently starting an auto maintence and repair my hook is that i go to you not make you come to me my first question is should i start advertising right away or should i start smaller and build a clientele first. also any good ideas on insurance
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          amspcs Ranger
          You will probably get a better response from this forum if you share a little more info about
          yourself in your profile. Who are you, where are you located, background, etc. Other than that, sounds like
          a good idea.


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            ICECREAMMAN2 Wayfarer

            Hi morjackdan:


            Try going to companies that have fleets of trucks, cars etc.


            Have a Brochure, and also some biz cards. Talk with the owner, hand him the brochure, if that person is not there, or busy, have some of the brochures in a envelope, ask for the owner first name, print it on the envelope, and hand it to that person behind the desk, ask for a card, and leave. On the back of the card note the date, a few days later call the owner, and see if he got you brochure, and answer any questions, he may have.

            Go to DQ's, A&W's, and see if they have the Coffee News, get a copy, and find out the cost of an ad.

            Go to Oil change Shops, Car washes, Tire shops, Truck stops, for their message boards. and see if they will hand out some cards for you.

            Hope this helps.