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    Work at Home: keep secure

    alishanayak Newbie
      A lot of people are now considering home based bussiness because this is much convenient while also providing a good source of income. Many have been successful in their home based freelance working careers that are why this field is becoming more popular.

      While some are considering work at home as their secondary source of income, some people are working full time in their freelance work from home.

      1) Before accepting a job, research first.

      2) Do not disclose personal information.

      3) Do not pay any fees for you to be able to work.

      To stay safe while earning at home, it is best to avoid scams that will rip off money from you. Also, avoid websites that promise to provide you with a steady and stable income with easy to do jobs that will just require you a few hours because most likely, these sites are scam sites. For more information visit Indyalive.
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          YesYouCan Scout
          There is a lot of information about "work at home" or home based businesses at ("The official Business Link to the U.S. Government") including a lot of cautions and warnings. It is a good read before starting into this type business venture.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Work at Home
            # Is the purpose \\ of your activity to make a profit? Generally, your activity is considered a \\ business if it is carried on with the reasonable expectation of earning a \\ profit.
            # Do you \\ participate in your activity just for fun? Hobbies – also called \\ not-for-profit activities – are those activities that are not pursued for \\ profit.
            # Do you depend \\ on income from the activity? If so, your activity is likely considered a \\ business.
            # Have you \\ changed methods of operation to improve profitability? If so, your hobby may \\ actually be a business.
            # Do you have \\ the knowledge needed to carry on the activity as a successful business? \\ People who carry out hobbies just for fun, often don’t have the business acumen \\ to turn their not-for-profit activity into a profitable business venture.
            # Have you made \\ a profit in similar activities in the past? This may indicate your activity \\ is a business rather than a not-for-profit hobby. An activity is presumed \\ carried on for profit if it makes a profit in at least three of the last five \\ tax years, including the current year – or at least two of the last seven years \\ for activities that consist primarily of breeding, showing, training or racing \\ horses.
            # Does the \\ activity make a profit in some years? Even if your activity does not make a \\ profit every year, it still may be considered a business.
            # Do you expect \\ to make a profit in the future from the appreciation of assets used in the \\ activity? This indicates your activity may be a business rather than a \\ hobby. If your activity is not carried on for profit,
            allowable deductions cannot exceed the gross receipts for the activity. If you
            are conducting a trade or business you may deduct your ordinary and necessary
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              stayinhome Newbie
              I do work form home and it is AWESOME.Yep- I do reco researching the legitimacy of the company and maing sure there is no large investment involved.Those things are key. My company has been in biz for 24yrs,has a proven track record and is BBB. ALl those things were important to me. If i can offer advice to anyone-please reply.
              In my biz,I've heard lots of stories of how people got hurt or taken advantage of.If I can be on any help to those looing for legitimate ways to work form home without any selling,it would be great!
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                phi578 Newbie
                Work at Home is good chance and easy way to make money but being secure is also an important thing in the Home based business... The above post is so informative and useful for the business people doing Home based business. I too got the important information and guidance from the site They are providing very good services for the Home based business people to be secure and to earn money online....


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