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    Need help finding the right VC

    dkrd111 Newbie
      I own a small remodeling and design company and im looking to expand. With the economy the way it is now business has been very slow. But here in the poconos in pa it is starting to come back and i think it will be back and better than ever in the very near future. But i dont have the capital to expand the way i would like to and be in the thick of it all when it comes back full blown. I dont know where to start looking and i was hoping someone on here could help. Im looking for an aggressive venture capitalist. I have a great business plan and just would like to be able to present it to the right person. Ive come accross a few who say this and that but dont have the capital. Im looking for the real person with the capital. if you know how to help me on my way i would greatly appreciate it ...Thanks
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          Tradingo Newbie

          My business partner and I are in the same boat you are at the moment, looking for the right VC group to bring us to that next step. I started an ecommerce business last year and just recently have received a bunch of TV, radio & magazine press and the "VC's" have been calling off the hook but they are all the wrong people. They either really don't have the capital or they want total control without knowing the business model. We did some research and approached a couple of investment firms about help with our Private Placement Memorandum and they were able to get us involved with a couple of qualified VC groups that invest in companies in our market. We are still looking for the right fit but that did help us find the right type of people.
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            MoveForward Scout
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              I am curious as to the type of expansion. Are you looking to become the next Martha Stewart? If so be reminded that Martha turned down VC money because they wanted too much of a stake in the company.
              (Her book 'The Martha Rules' is wonderful!)

              Have you thought of contacting DIY Network? Maybe your idea is really good and would be a good fit for the network. Presenting to a TV network is not going to be any worse than the VC chase. There are all kinds of design and fix stuff up shows, maybe that would be a good place for you.

              If you peruse the various VC websites, you will find that they invest in: technology, bio-tech, pharma and other industries.

              You will need a business plan, financial income/expense statement (this shows that you understand your business model and is not expected to be 100% accurate). Many VC's are also asking for videos of the team, with a presentation. There is a kind of 'dance' that you will have to do as well as finding the VC that is a fit for you. There are a lot of not so honest people out there and you have to be careful.
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                stromy277 Newbie
                i think this could be a good option for you check it out