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    Risk free, LCC China Sourcing can reduce your costs!


      Dear BOA SmallBusiness Group members,

      My career experience is in Purchasing/Supply Chain in support of automotive manufacturing operations, during which I was particularly effective in reducing supply risks while achieving lowest reasonable cost for tooling, MRO, production materials, services, and custom parts/systems. Much of my expertise was learned from the Japanese and Germans with whom I have worked.


      Currently, I have started a consulting business, OTB Zolutionz LLC, in Michigan USA. My intent is to use my expertise to help small/medium sized manufacturers improve their operations and lower cost, reducing the risk they pose to their customers in a variety of industries.


      I also work as Global Sourcing Sales Agent for CS Industries ( ), the global sales division of China South Industrial Group ( ). China South is comprised of 61 industrial manufacturing companies all of which are ISO or TS certified. China South has 220,000 employees and assets in excess of RMB 44.6 Billion yuan.


      ChangAn is the automobile manufacturing subsidiary which builds ChangAn vehicles, as well as Ford, Mazda, Volvo and Suzuki. Another division designs and builds over 3 million motorcycles. Many of the parts and systems for these vehicles and motorcycles are produced in China South factories or in closely controlled suppliers.


      Other China South companies design, tool, and manufacture parts such as: transmissions, piston connecting rods, pistons/rings/liners, gas/diesel engine blocks, drive shaft, clutch shell, crankshaft, auto/manual HVAC systems, powertrain cooling modules, radiators(aluminum/plastic copper/plastic), heater core, hose/pipe assemblies, condensers, compressors, radiator fans, windshield wiper motor, high strength nut/bolt, heater blower, A/C system, wiring harness, manual/power steering gear set, tresdle set, steering post set, carburetors, small gas engines, wheels (steel, steel/aluminum), complete exhaust system, axle assemblies, window lift mechanisms, fuel pump, fuel tank sending unit, filters, electronic control modules, oxygen sensors, turbochargers, brake parts and brake assemblies, master cylinder, U-joints, cross bearings, flanges, yokes, differential gears, vehicle lighting (headlamp, rear combi, etc.), and many other parts.


      We are able to provide reliable, quality, low cost shipment of ANYTHING available in China, delivered ANYWHERE in the world. "Anything" example: I am currently quoting consummable materials (firebrick, coke, etc.) for a company in Singapore with a steel mill in India. In the USA, I am talking to small stamping companies about forming a cooperative which will purchase steel and other metals from CS Industries. If you need JIT warehousing support, we will arrange it. With CS Industries, we provide complete supply chain services.


      Of course, some larger corportations maintain their own "sourcing" office in Asia, or rely on Asian contract sourcing agents who lack any control of the suppliers they select for you. Either way, there are still many risks in sourcing in China. CS Industries, backed by China South (with direct ties to the central government), eliminates many of the risks so you can enjoy the quality products and significant cost savings.


      For more information or a quote, please send emails to:


      Ronald Hayes C.P.M.


      Office (skype) 248-636-2020

      Michigan (US Eastern time)

      Linkedin Profile: