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    Calling Card Business Newbie
      My name is Ryan. I have been on a hunt for a while to start up a phone card business. Can some one please suggest me the pricing of the same & what all stuff do i need to get going with it?
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          ICECREAMMAN2 Wayfarer
          Hi Ryan:

          I saw Calling cards many years ago, (1990's) in Canada, placed an ad in a trucking mag, and only got one order.

          Now, I go to the post office, and they have about 60 plus kinds of calling cards, starting at about 1 cent a minute, 2.5 cents a minute Canada & USA calling.

          I think it would be a hard Business to get into.

          Just my 2 1/2 cent$ worth


          PS: Magic Jack $39.95 first year, $19.95 each year after that.