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    Looking to make my health & fitness company more profitable

    abellevu Newbie
      Hi All,

      My name is Anel, I am a 29 year old living in Boston. Few months ago, I started a small health & fitness company call, Nutfit, Inc. We offer a bunch of outdoor bootcamp classes, nutrition services, yoga and group therapy. The developers have done a great job building the site ( But, they are currently not working as fast as I would like them to. The project is 80% done so far. Unfortunately, we are not recruiting clients as fast and as much as we have hoped.

      I am looking for directions and different things I can do to improve traffic. I have been using craiglist, fliers, phone calls and facebook to advertise our service.
      What must I do different to advertise our service?
      Should I look for different developers to finish the project?
      We are spending $, but not bringing enough in return. what must I do to change that?

      I hope to hear from you

      Thank you

      Anel Bellevue


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          farabi Newbie

          Hi Anel,


          You should incorporate fengshui in your office.


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            phanio Pioneer
            That is tough question to answer as I am not familar with the Boston market. It would seem you need as much exposure as fast as you can. You might try contacting your local TV and newspapers. Approach them as an expert and explain what your business does and how it can help people in your area. Might even appraoch it as a way to deal the stress of this down economy. Try to talk with reporters or go directly to the managing editor. If you can not get them directly, most reporters or editors like to attend local networking events or social groups (like lion's club or rotary club). You might be able to make contact there. Most news networks - like to run local pieces that engage the community and it seems your business may just fit in with that. Plus, if they run a piece on you - it is free and mass market exposure. Take them out to your bootcamps classes and let them report on that. Could even run some promotion with them - like the first 10 to respond and say they saw your piece will get a discount.

            Regarding your website - remember, you are paying them - they are working for you - hold them to their word or at least their contract. Push them or tell them you will go else where. You have to be aggressive - if you are not - they will know it and keep doing what they are doing.

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                abellevu Newbie
                Hi Phania,

                Everything you said makes a lot of business sense and practical. I have already started applying some of the marketing strategies you mentioned and some I have not. But, I really like the idea of going to the local tv stations.

                I have been affraid to put pressure on the developers because I want them to make it right. But, you are right, at the end of the day, they are working for me and I have to be more assertive with them.

                Thank you so much for your help

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                Analysight Newbie

                The speed at which the developers are working depends largely upon the complexity of the site. Before deciding whether to hire new developers or trying to drive more traffic to the site, you need to ask yourself, "what do I want the site to do?" And, "who is my audience?"

                Do you want the site to provide information about Nutfit? Do you want people to sign up or provide information on your site? Do you want to sell items on the site? Is your audience middle-aged professionals or young 20-something fanatics? Are they high-income, low-income, etc.? When you know these things, you can then determine the content you need on your site, the best ways to increase traffic, and whether your developers are working too slowly.

                Many companies create a Web site under the "Field of Dreams" fallacy - the notion that "if you build it, they will come." But as the Cheshire Cat told Alice in Wonderland, "If you don't know where you want to go, any road will get you there." Don't be Alice!

                Good luck Anel.

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                    abellevu Newbie
                    Hi Alex,

                    I really appreciate the time you've put into this and I find every bit of information you've provided very helpful. The audience, target market, age group and so on have already been established. But, I am sure there are always room to make it better.

                    You are right about the fact that the speed at which they working depends largely upon the complexity of Nutfit. But, where and when do I draw the line? I have been feeling ambevilent about whether I should push them more or trust the speed they going is the right one.

                    I do have reasons to believe that, the speed the site is been built is directly affecting the marketing strategy of the company. A lot of the things we are thinking of doing largely depends on what the developers have done or will do.

                    Thank you so much and keep in touch

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                    Simplify_It Newbie
                    Hi Anel,

                    You've gotten a great advice here. Networking is definitely a key. It's also a great idea to approach the media, and give them a 'taste' of your products. Invite them to one of your local boot camp and let them feel the difference, the before-and-after, and they will be inclined to brag about your service.

                    Have you released any Press Release yet? Did you tell everyone that you know about your service? By that I mean, everyone, even those who you think might not be interested, as they might know some people who will.

                    Definitely define your target market, then aim your marketing efforts toward that direction.

                    I went to Boston a few weeks back and one thing that the Tour Guide told us was, Boston is a walking city. Is that true? If so, the approach to your advertising should be modified a bit. In a city where everyone have no problems of exercising, try to use something along this line: "Walking alone doesn't mean exercising. You have a specific result you would like to get (feeling better, grow muscles, socialize, etc), the best way to achieve it is by following a program, instead of just randomly doing it."

                    But then again, it comes back to who your target audiences are. If you aim on busy executives who drive everywhere and don't walk, you need to spread your marketing tools where they hang-out.

                    If you're looking to improve traffic from your web site, that would normally take a while. One of the best way to do it is by creating a blog, or continuous valuable contents, to keep people coming back. It's also not a bad idea to build your mailing list with a e-newsletter. Over time, you're building your credibility as an expert, as well as keeping your exposure to potential clients.

                    Good luck!