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    The new division of the company. Where to begin.

    ErikBiz Newbie
      The tasks were defined units, has been appointed director, a budget, drafted a business plan. What's next?
      This issue is a matter not only me but thousands of other leaders. Recruitment of technical specialists is not a big problem, but rather the problem is not here. But with all the managers are much more complicated, I have already wrote in previous post. And manager to work with clients is not difficult to find. Then deduct the office. In Russia at the moment with the office can easily do that there are many proposals for different tastes and wallets. True cost of communications in the office almost always very high, although this is my personal opinion. Many may not agree with that, but for me as head of the new unit a few things (prices) were surprising.

      I'll tell you about doing what our division.
      The main directions are IT outsourcing, supply of equipment for data centers and office equipment for just in offices and parts for this equipment, apart from the above we deal with internet connection, and supply chain software.

      And so, the staff recruited, the purpose of identification. It is time to work out the budget and profitable. Here then the problems begin. How to attract customers on maintenance of PCs and LANs organization (more precisely the unit), which has not proved itself in the market? The answer is obvious. Looking for sales managers. Where did they take? The answer is also obvious. Jail staffing agency. The results I have already told you last post.

      I have adopted the following decision. While the phasing out of sales managers and together with the manager to work with clients to try to find clients.

      To do this, I have developed special tariffs on the basis of our past rates adopted in the business plan. The concept of "original" warranty. Of course it was all in concert with the leadership and received permission.

      After the above action, I made the original offer and sent it to 10 major organizations in St. Petersburg.

      This was done this week, let's see what will be the reaction on my offer.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Where to begin, Welcome Eric

          Sounds interesting. Like you, we also would be interested to the reaction of your offer.

          Have you developed a Business Plan?? The plan serves like a road map to success.
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              ErikBiz Newbie
              Thank you for your interest in my post. Be sure I will keep the
              community informed. To do this, I have even created a blog where I'm
              going to describe in detail the development of our unit.

              But the business plan we have drawn. However, it turned out, in
              practice, its implementation is not quite straightforward. I already
              wrote in a previous post about problems with the salespeople. Maybe you
              have more suggestions?

              Contents of previous post:
              In St. Petersburg, and the whole of Russia is very difficult to
              find competent personnel for managerial positions. This is especially
              true sales managers. Most people aged 18 to 28 years, convinced that
              the sales manager is the person who sits in the office and receive
              incoming calls from customers and sweet with them. They forget the fact
              that subordinate to the sales manager is more technicians to take care
              of. And many go to the interview thinking about light, forward-looking,
              well-paid job (monthly salary of our managers from 25 000 rubles 30 000
              rubles + percentage of transaction and order in the region of 40 000 -
              60 000 rubles is somewhere in 1180 - 1800 dollars month.) But the
              problem is that firstly, 90% came for an interview is not the necessary
              knowledge and skills, and secondly they do not understand
              responsibility. So very many have to refuse. Normal sales managers are
              very difficult to find. They are either somewhere already working and
              do not go either asking too high a salary, who can not afford the newly
              created unit, and I have to take a part of the sales manager at a ...