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    Help me name my company

    DeeTee Wayfarer

      Just as the tite states, I'm looking for a creative name for my new company.

      Some background info:
      I'm purchasing an existing bicycle retail shop. The deal is being structured so I'm aquiring their assets, name, and goodwill. Though the shop will continue to run using the current name, I will be forming an LLC under a different name. I'm debating if I should use the new LLC name as the operating name for the store once the transfer is made. Anyways, I have some ideas already, but wanted to pick the creative brains in this forum to see what other folks would come up with.

      The shop is located in Southern California. We sell bikes, but are also about lifestyle, fun, beaches, sun, and everything associated with Southern California!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Help me name my company

          I went to Members page and COULD NOT find your name.

          What is the name of the existing bike shop??

          Why re invent the wheel??
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            franso Adventurer
            Bikesty bikesite Adbike Ectacy Bikes
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              MoveForward Scout

              This was a fun challenge. We pictured blades, scooters, bikes,
              beaches, piers, skateboarding and fun. Here are (team of


              us got into this challenge) our ideas...


              RIDE ON Depot

              Exhilaration Mart


              Fun in the Sun Depot




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                  DeeTee Wayfarer
                  Haha, these are great! Thanks for your feedback folks :) Some of the ones I like so far (from this forum and other sources)...

                  Freewheelin' (or Freewheeling)
                  The Chain Gang
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                      MoveForward Scout

                      You might want to keep this in mind when selecting a name...

                      • Select a name that begins with one these alphabets:
                      A, B, C, D, E
                      This will allow you to be listed at the beginning of your
                      competitors in the phone book, sponsorships, group listings,
                      etc. Of course A is the best.

                      • Keep the name as short as possible:
                      When it is time to print the name each letter costs.
                      Sign, Embroy. Shirts, Banners, Promo products, etc
                      This also includes making sure the name will fit on a listing.

                      • Since your in a perfect position to match your name
                      with a website, do so. Take the name you like and see
                      it the domain can be matched, if it is taken select another.
                      For Example: If you like "Bike On" make sure bikeon is
                      a domain name not taken.

                      • When selecting a name, select colors you will use
                      within logo. Use no more than two
                      colors every color will cost you when it comes to printing
                      your decals, signs, etc.


                      Bikesite: the name suggests you only have bikes.
                      Out-spoke-n : cute but this maybe a nightmare when it comes to printing.
                      Spoketacular: Scary (I think Halloween)
                      The Chain Gang: Just "Chain Gang". Make sure the employees wear
                      prision stripe uniforms.
                      ExpressYourself: I like it but I hate admit it since I did not come up with it.


                      Just think McDonald's, Best Buy, JCPenney's, Sears, Champs, these
                      names do not say what type of product they sell we know this through
                      name recognition.

                      I am in the Nashville area these are our popular ones. Both titles mean nothing
                      to you but everything to us....
                      MOAB ( means Murfreesboro (town it is in) Outdoors and Bicycycle)
                      +SKEDADDLE +


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                    MoveForward Scout

                    Suggestion, if you do change the name I would suggest
                    including "formally known as _______within your advertising
                    and media information until you are known by this name.

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                      Estimatorman Wayfarer
                      How about......The Funatic (like fanatic) Peddlers Bike Co.
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                        countryboy Wayfarer
                        It me thinking again . But some how may be ? Beach side ride ( Formerly the old company name) It has a few things tord the first part of the alphabet your close to the beach and you ride alot of thing near the beach
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                          MomoneyT Newbie

                          Here are a couple of suggestions if you still have not picked a name.

                          California Sunwheeling

                          Sun Cruisers

                          Wheels for Waves
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                              puzzleman Tracker
                              I have aquestion that no one asked. Why change the name? If the previous owner has a good reputation, why change/ Old customers will still know the name and will associate it with good. New customers will learn that you have good service.

                              when I bought my company 7 years ago, I was tempted to change the name as well. I realized then and still now that I have customers from many years ago that remember the name. If I had changed the name, I would have lost those customers.

                              Just my idea.