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    Need Cash? Oppty of a Life Time! Hurry! End 9.10.09

    Felisia Adventurer

      This is a great opportunity for anyone needing an additional cash flow.
      Residual Cash Forever, now in pre-launch is grandfathering into the
      system at the highest level ($17,000).

      What this means to you is, for the
      first 1,000 people their is NO CASH GIFT TO PAY. and once RCF launches
      and people sign up, you will be able to received money at $17,000 or
      whatever level you chose to join on.

      Also, as with other gifting programs there is NO 1-UPs or
      matrixes to fill. You are qualified immediately for life!

      This program
      has a lot of benefits, only a few are mentioned here. Too many to list,
      you got to check it out now.