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    Looking for some help with a childcare center

    backtobasics Wayfarer
      Hello everyone,
      I am new to this sight and after reading some of the advise and doing some research i have decided to give this a try. my question is as follows: I have been in the childcare field for 18yrs, the first few years I worked at numerous childcare centers and held positions from assistant teacher thru assistant director. I have helped a few of them through licencing proceeders and with financual issues. I then opened my home childcare business and was very profitable, I was consider a group home where I could take care of 12 children at a time with an assistant. I was full within 2 months of opening and had a waiting list of a year within 6 months. I then after 10 yrs opened up a childcare center of my own. due to not planning and looking into the building history I had to close my doors 6 months after opening. I have since then gone to school and have recieved my Associates degree in early childhood education and development which means that I now can be my own director which saves roughly $15-$20/hr on my budget. I am currently in school for my bacholers degree in business management and will achieve this in a year. I am looking to again move to a center and try this again with the knowledge I have learned since the last center that I owned. I would like to lease a home that is on commercial property and open Home away from home childcare. My problem is I need to have a business partner or an investor and I'm not sure if they are out there for this type of business. I have a lot of different things that I offer to the families and children That I'm invovled with. Would also like to incorperate a few openings in my childcare for parents who just need a break for a few hours a week or month. I live in Michigan and any thoughts or advise would be greatful. Thank you for your time.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for some help with a childcare center, Welcome Sherry

          If you are looking for a business partner and or an investor, you need a business plan that shows you have really thought about what you are proposing.

          Also a business plan is a road map to your success.

          Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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            MoveForward Scout
            Wow, you are a motivated individual and I can see you mixed your talent with your love of business.

            First off, I love your "Home away from Home" concept, this is every parents dream for their childs hours away from home. The homie feel you want to accomplish is perfect. With that said I have a suggestion that may throw you off your train of thought and give you something to think about.

            What if you did not open this up to the general public but instead opened this up to a company as a incentive for their employees! Another word. You contact a major factory, headquarter company or
            call center in your area. You make an appointment to meet with them, your plan. All they need to give
            you is a niche within the building or on the grounds of the building. You provide a fake home-front to this area making this area look like the front of a home. Parents have the comfort of having an on-site daycare,
            companies have the incentive to out way a trouble economy by replacing the employee with a service,
            you have lower overhead by the company providing the space, electric, building insurance, heat/air,
            overhead maintence! Together you form a team. You can not afford to offer a great rate to employees
            who use you, word of mouth will spread within so marketing dollars are not nessassary and you will not
            have to stress-out on volumne since your overhead is not outrages.

            I noticed in your bio where you were and I looked up your Chamber of Commerce (it stated you
            would be under the Barry County Chamber). I looked to see what large companies you could contact.
            The site was not as helpful as I had hoped but I did find some information you may want to take a peak
            at some future networking within this group. Then I looked up the city-data....... this gives you everything (you need to look at this it also shows
            you were your young families are most populated). I learned you have a college, this maybe a choice
            to call on, by providing an on-site daycare for both students and faculity. Another you may want to
            contact is the School Board, to see about providing a private daycare center for teachers and staff.
            This would be a great incentive for teachers to return to school after giving birth, keeping teachers within
            the school system and giving the edge to the school system in a market where incentives are everything.
            I also believe Battle Creek looks like they are filled with opportunites for you.

            If you can work or want to work with teaming up with a company, your only overhead would be supplies,
            furniture, etc. but this can all come from upfront sign-up 4 months prior to opening. You can also
            purchase supplies through wholesale clubs (still easy to get in store credit from them). Once you get
            going you can juggle your earnings to pay your employees and keep the stocking going. Before you
            know you may even be thinking of opening other "Incentive DayCares".

            Very Best to you.

            P.S...I will forgive you for living in a town that stole our towns name...Nashville.
            Although I will admit your Nashville looks a whole lot more charming then our Nashville
            or as I refer to it "NashVegas".