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    Advice on starting a cinnamon roll shop

    lethroz Newbie

      As long as I can remember I've been a baker. I've always loved cinnabons but when I moved to Georgia the city I live in didn't have a cinnabon shop. I've since learned to make them and everyone who tries them always says, "You should try to sell them."
      Now I'm ready to try to start my business. I've come up with a about 6 different types of cinnamon rolls and would like some input on how I can make my dream a reality.
      I would like to know if anyone has information on what steps I need to take to start this type of business from home. I'm not sure what type of license I may need or where to start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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          GDIAFF Wayfarer
          I don't know anything about baking but it seems to me that you need start up capital and continued cashflow to get a business like that going. That could mean borrowing and then going into debt. I found a this MLM company and it looks like a good opportunity to build a business using these social networking and blog sites which are course free. Somebody posted a link on a twitter site, I click the link and look at the opportunity and I signed up. Me the guy who putting this type of business down for years. Take a look and judge for yourself.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Advice on starting a cinnamon roll shop, Welcome

            If I was planning on starting a cinnamon roll shop, I would ONE, Develop a Business Plan

            and TWO, Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

            Good luck
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                lethroz Newbie
                Thank you. I will definitely contact SCORE because alot of people have mentioned that particular site. I'm working on the business plan. I have alot of ideas in my head but I need to get them all on paper. This is something I've been thinking about doing for about two years now but I'm finally taking the steps.
                Thank you so much for your input.
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                MoveForward Scout
                Listen to Luckiest. SCORE will not only support you in working out the
                steps but you can also select a mentor who leads you through each
                step. Each mentor has had or has a business. Best of all you can
                review the list of mentors and contact one who has been through
                what you want to do.

                I would via against a loan of any kind and first try to do this without
                accumulating any debt.

                Since your doing this from your home, first contact your city codes dept.
                ask them if you qualify to do this out of your home, if so file for a
                city business permit with your home address. They will also have you
                file with the health department. Now, should they say we do not
                approve homes for this type of business and will not issue a permit,
                then visit a church or two who has a kitchen and ask to use there
                kitchen for one year with a 10% profit given back to the church. Church
                kitchens are considered commerical and approved. You would then
                use this address for your kitchen on the permit. Caters do this.
                Some churches and community centers will rent in place of percentage.
                Set a baking day and time each week.

                Try this site for more details to advertising and suggestions.

                Go for it....don't look back...look ahead!
                If you go to you make a logo for 19.00 and put this on
                your labels and apron.

                Think smart and spend less!
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                    lethroz Newbie
                    Thank you so much for your post, it was very informative and encouraging. I've been thinking about doing this for about 2 years and I'm ready to dig deep. I don't plan on getting any loans, I want to try not to accumulate debt if possible. I'm a police officer therefore I know a few people in the court system and I have checked in to some of the types of permits that may be needed. I'm still not sure about the food permits but I'm working on it. I appreciate the information about leasing kitchens because I didn't realize that some organizations do that type of thing.
                    Again Thank you so much for your post, it was helpful and made me feel like I'm on the right track.
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                        MoveForward Scout

                        For your website do it yourself. We hire web designers for our major
                        annual Events. For smaller moment of events or ones we do not feel
                        have much life even though the client does we create are own with the

                        GoDaddy Tonight package (believe me it is SO simple, I can do it and
                        beleive me I have not a lick of computer sense). www.**/gdshop/hosting/hosting_build_website.asp

                        Look at Homestead templates also they will show you a video on
                        their website

                        Both offer everything you will need including domain name for approx.
                        24.00 a month.

                        Go to the homestead site first they have a bakery as the video sample


                        so you will see how it works.


                        Best to you.
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                      RanksIntl Adventurer

                      That sounds delightful! If you are looking to start your business from home then you will most likely want to start a sole proprietorship. Depending on where you live that may be as simple as filling out a short form and paying a small fee.

                      When starting a business you always want to start with plan which will contain things like market research, financial info, etc. If you need to find financing or just for personal use, it will be your recipe for success.

                      If you need any help email me at the address in my profile.

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                        First, I would agree with Luckiest that I would start with creating a business plan.


                        I have a free page on my site that lists the details behind creating a plan. Here is the link:




                        Creating a business plan forces you to ask questions and find answers to see if you have a viable business opportunity and the steps that you need to take.


                        As a previous restaurant owner, I know that you won't be able to run the business out of your house. You will need a commercial kitchen - whether you lease a space of your own or lease space from another restaurant or hotel that has space for you to work in. Do a search on "Angela Logan Mortgage Apple Cakes" for an interesting similar story.


                        You will need to contact your city or county health department to find out their requirements regarding their food handler safety program and permits.


                        Contact me if you need help writing or reviewing your plan.


                        All the Best,


                        Doug Dolan


                        The Solopreneur's Guide


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                          lethroz Newbie
                          If anyone has additional information on website and sites for packaging it would be appreciated.
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                            If you are looking for basic packaging, you can contact the following to find out who are the local reps in your area and what they can offer:


                            Shamrock Foods








                            These are the primary companies that we used for our restaurant. They each provided packaging options for us with to-go containers. See what they have to meet your needs.


                            Here is another site for specialty packaging:


                            Creative Packaging Solutions




                            I haven't used them, but the President of the company participates in another business forum that I participate in as well. She seems to give valid advice and not just a self promoter.


                            Hope this helps.


                            Doug Dolan


                            The Solopreneur's Guide


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                              ghpacific Newbie
                              I am also looking at starting a CR shop and am reading everything posted here. Luckily there is a prolific local business here in Pismo Beach, CA already, called Old West Cinnamon Roll which makes the best CRs in the west. I hope to learn from them vicariously if I'm unable to get employment with them somehow. Just a cursory review of issues reveals 2 big costs to contend with that are heavily influenced by Wall Street and commodity traders - ingredients (flour, sugar, nuts, butter, etc.) and gas/propane/electricity to run the ovens. I believe there will be plenty of restaurant/baking equipment available inexpensively as the recession devolves, so that may help. I recommend reading the E-myth by Michael Gerber which has a fantastic fictional business about a pie-maker turning into an entrpreneur and hating it. SCORE also has mentors online that will respond to emails that I have found very helpful. Best of luck to us both. Please keep posting and maybe we can share our progress. Cheers, Guy.