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    Online Consulting 4 Offline Businesses. Drive Sales To You

    InnerCircleRE Wayfarer
      Hello All,

      I hear alot about sales spikes, busy seasons, and the itch to try and change that online. I am very confident in our abilities
      to manipulate the web and mold it to do the things we need it to do for your business. I will tell you a little bit about what
      we do, and then let you decide when is the right time to reach out for the proper weapon of choice to deliver that killing
      online you were waiting on for the past few years.

      Just about anyone can build a fantastic looking site and high school kids these days can get you to page one on Google.
      So the question for your contractor should be: What are you really doing for me that provides value to my business, or
      more importantly what is going to increase my revenue on a consistent basis each quarter? It is a proven fact that the
      following numbers are normal when done correctly: Email marketing provides a 4500% ROI or $45 in for every $1 spent.
      This is where we come in. What most people in web design don't have a firm grasp on is the business perspectives of
      Return On Investment (ROI). We are able to take an ordinary site and drive traffic to it which as you know will lead to a
      certain conversion of prospects based on the volume of click throughs. The better your message, the higher the click
      throughs, and as you know sales is a numbers game based on what you are doing to get and retain your prospects.
      Whats great about this though is we provide not just "bodies" through your websites front door, anyone can get a ton of
      people to look at your site. We craft a specific plan of action that will drive already pre-qualfied prospects into the site by
      fishing through social networks, online visibility campaigns, targeted email messages, & most importantly referrals from
      other clients using carefully crafted incentives which provide messages that resonates with them all. I don't know what
      your current marketing and advertising budget consists of, so I am not sure which services really would be best tailored to
      you until we discuss this further.

      I don't want to blow you away with a War & Peace Novel type email extolling the benefits we can offer you, so let me invite
      you to call or email me so that we may discuss your unique set of goals further.
      Best Wishes,
      Justin Pandelo
      President / Online Business Revenue Consultant
      103 Carnegie Center Dr, Suite 300
      Princeton, NJ 08540
      Office: 609-759-0025
      Fax: 888-423-2468
      Web: Is a Leader In Producing a Provable ROI For Offline Businesses By Crafting a Dominating Proactive Online Presence.

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          Hymesdesign Adventurer
          I like that, "Just about anyone can build a fantastic looking site and high school kids these days can get you to page one on Google." That is without a doubt a very impressive statement, the problem I have with it is that if we're being honest it's a stretch at best.

          I won't dispute that there are in fact high school students capable of building great sites or that through use of templates etc. there are many people capable of implementing a decent looking website, but to state this like it's commonplace is ballsy. I agree most web designers aren't marketing guru's but a great custom made website requires a great web designer to custom make it, but strictly speaking marketing companies seem to over charge for all basic design services. They use the excuse "we are a marketing company," but they fail to let you know that in order to continue to benefit from their marketing services you must continue to pay them and that the initial extra you pay is just that extra. With a web designer you get a custom site and after you pay for the site are done shelling out money to them. Most designers are there to help, not to nickel and dime clients. People want honesty in the company they work with and that's why web designers will never die out as long as the internet is around.
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              InnerCircleRE Wayfarer
              Ballsy? Maybe. Confidence? Absolutely. A stretch? I think that is a matter of perspective. I certainly see your issue, from a strict web designer standpoint, it is alot more involved sometimes, but generally if we are looking at face value, a great design can be had with a CMS template such as Joomla or Wordpress, or even flash, html, & css templates from the big template mills like Tmonster. I do agree a good custom site is in itself an artform, and by that measure you are correct, web designers will never die out.

              "Marketing companies overcharging for design services" is also a matter of opinion. The simple answer to that is, if the site produces positive cashflow for the company it was designed for, and the ROI is substantial, then how is this overcharging if your client just beat their earnings expectations and had the site pay for itself many times over? If they are more profitable upon meeting you and partaking of your products and services, I fail to see how anyone gets the short end of the stick. Of course if the partnership is just a leeching off the business owner thats another story. So many times I hear Web Designers say how the undercharged, or doing to much work for the fee. The second someone then confidently walks through a clients door and tells them their fee and gets it they are labeled as overcharging and have their honesty questioned. Funny world we live in.

              What you perceive as a nickel and dime relationship with clients over a period of time could not be further from the truth. Most Fortune companies down to mom & pops have an advertising budget. They spend it on newspaper ads, flyers, magazines, billboards, tv, & all other forms of media. I will say 9 times out of 10 the ongoing advertising we provide is significantly less expensive then they were already spending on. Not only this, they were not getting any ability to track their investment in those mediums. What we provide is so much more powerful in that we can track interest in reports and see interest in our clients products and services. If there is an area of weakness we split test and dig down to get to a successful strategy. What we offer that most don't is that we dig even deeper by implementing marketing strategies within a CPI (continuous process improvement) model roughly approximated on proven TQM philosophies like those taught by Deming, Six Sigma, Lean (Toyota Production Systems), Balanced Scorecard, etc. Any engineer will tell you thats powerful. It is also expensive in the interim for the consult, but any production manager will till you about profitability when the consultant leaves and the advice is followed. I believe most consultants in that discipline work on a monthly retainer. I also believe most TV, Print & other media mediums charge setup fees and monthly billing also. Nickel & Dime? I think not

              What is a great synergy is when someone like you can work with someone like me and create a powerful synergy to clients. The melding of both worlds does not have to be a battle, it can be a great new frontier for us both in a larger sense. Thanks for the reply.