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    Is it possible to procure $50,000 from an angel investor within two weeks?

    Healthy Girl Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      I realize that this is a very unusual question, but let me explain my reason for asking it.

      I'm starting a new business with a well-established network marketing company that manufactures an exclusive, world-patent protected line of health products that have an enormous amount of science behind them. The premier product has had over 50 years of research, over 3,000 medical papers written on it and more than 500 doctors endorsing the products due to the patient results they have seen in their practice. More and more doctors are coming on board every day. The product is featured in the Physician's Desk Reference and the National Library of Medicine. Also, the Russian Ministry of Health has approved it's use in all their hospitals, primarily because of the results experienced with cancer patients; which is the first time in their medical history to approve a natural product for use in their hospitals. The company is 9 years old and is now represented in 42 countries around the world. This debt-free company was named the 15th fastest growing privately held company in the country by INC Magazine in 2005 and they enjoy continuous growth every month. This company has been featured on the AMR television program (American Medical Review) and more recently on the TODAY show with NBC News Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory (Nov. 25th).

      I mention all of that because I think it would be significant for an investor to know that the "mother" company I am associated with is solidly based and well-founded. I want to build a wellness company of my own around these phenominal products. I have personally used them and have experienced great benefit myself. My mission is to improve the health and quality of life for thousands of people nationwide and around the world.

      My challenge is that as long as I am working full time at a J.O.B. I cannot effectively build my business. I believe positively that I can build a million dollar company within 5 years, not only because of the unique nature of the products and their effectiveness, but because of my own abilities. I have excelled in everything I have ever done, winning awards, trips, privileges, plagues, trophies, etc. Now I am working with an IT company in Charlotte, NC. Yet, the business opportunity with this network marketing company shows the most promise of creating wealth.

      The reason I'm asking if you think it's possible to procure this small amount of money within two weeks is because I am very anxious to get started before the first of the year. I have worked on a business plan and would like to have my business up and running by January 1, 2008, I'm just not sure how to go about finding an angel investor who would be willing to move on this solid business venture so quickly; say, by mid-December.

      Any suggestions? This sounds unrealistic, I know, but is it impossible?

      Thanks in advance for your comments!
      Healthy Girl



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          simon07 Wayfarer

          Hello Heathly Girl. I am pretty new to the forums myself but have found everyone on the site to be so helpful and knowledgeable. I hope you find my comments helpful as well. When I first read your post - what popped up in my mind was all the health industry pyramid scams back in the 80s. Please be careful with any business opportunity or venture, especially in situations that demand cash in a short amount of time - $50K in two weeks is no small chunk of change and should raise a brow. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is.
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            Your question only struck me as unusual because you told us everything about the "mother" company except the name. Who is it?

            There have been similar questions to yours in this forum before, and several people usually recommend at least a couple of sources to pursue. They'll probably post responses later today, so keep watching.

            The good news for you is that medical devices are an angel investor favorite -- angels provide funding for businesses in that sector more than any other, including software.

            The potential challenge for you will be that angel investors generally put up their own money -- so they rarely take anyone's word for anything. They usually look at how much funding you, your friends, and family put in first. So . . . how much are you investing and how much have you raised from the folks you know? (You stated that you can turn $50K into a million dollars in 5 years, which means if your friend puts in five hundred bucks now, he or she is assured of at least ten grand in 2012. The only reason NOT to jump on that deal is if your friend doesn't believe you can pull it off. If your friend doesn't, why would a stranger?)

            Also be cautious of presenting (either verbally or in your offering document) anything that may be viewed by an investor as "character inconsistencies." The statement, "I have excelled at everything" is totally incongruent with "as long as I'm working full time at a J.O.B. I cannot effectively build my business." The last statement suggests that you're actually not so excellent at time management -- and building a million dollar business from the ground up will present time and resource management problems that are about twenty times more challenging than whatever issues you're dealing with now. You may frighten potential angels into believing you don't really know anything about what you're getting into -- and that you'd be overwhelmed and tank.

            Along with that, expect a true angel investor to want an active role in the management of your company, and expect the investor to negotiate a favorable three-to-five-year exit strategy into the deal (it will be even better if you outline an attention-getting exit strategy in your offer).

            By the way, have you prepared your investment proposal or offering document yet? If not, you have a LOT to do this week. Hope this helps you some in your preparations. Best of luck!
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              To answer your question as phrased in the subject line -- though not probable, it's possible, IF you have a very, very good offer/proposal already written, proofed, printed, and ready to express mail today. If you don't, it probably isn't even possible by mid-December, as any investor will need a minimum of two weeks for due diligence (and again, because it's their money at stake, angels do their due diligence).
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                Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                I agree with lighthouse, highly improbable but you may have the opportunity to do it. Try, they are a great group of investors who may be able to help.
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  Here is where I think you may have a problem. Investors will invest in YOUR products or your business...that is something that YOU have yourself developed. What you are asking is for an investor to take a chance on the Multi Level Marketing Company that you have signed up with. As a start up I know first hand the difficulty in getting funding at all...and I own my products' intellectual property!

                  That being said...I am all for MLM and health care. I am in Liquidity, organic aloe vera products. These products have made a huge difference in my life. However my business was built while working a job and a start up. (Talk about part time!!) Hopefully in a few years...Liquidity will be my only business...but not now.

                  In MLM you need to 'get bonded' to the TOP earners in your company and start producing. These people will help you from the ground up. Business Plan? The MLM already has a success plan in place and will teach you how to use it. Does the MLM offer training? Go to it. Become visible with the owners and again, the top earners. Trust me...they will teach and mentor you through every step of the way. Mavericks DO NOT make it in MLM. You need the support of the core group. If these products are that absolutely wonderful...maybe you should share the company name and the opportunity here as well. That's what MLM is all about...talking and sharing with people.

                  You can do this part time...that is how the big MLM earners did it...starting part time.

                  Not to be a wet blanket here...but I seriously doubt if someone would put $50,000 towards getting someone up and running in MLM. If you get funding thats great as well. Please keep us posted!
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                    Healthy Girl Newbie
                    Thank you all so much for all your helpful advice!

                    I really needed a neutral eye to look at what I'm trying to do. Obviously, I have never tried to get funding for anything before, so I wasn't sure how this would look to an investor. All of your comments have given me a clearer prospective.

                    I'll be happy to name the company! It is 4Life Research, Inc. and if anyone decides to look into the company, the founders and their history, I know they can only be impressed. There are many scams out there, but this isn't one of them. In fact, my website is chuck full of information about the company and the products, the research studies and doctor's comments,etc. I just didn't think anyone would be interested in that kind of detail here, or if it was even allowed. My website is for anyone who wants to look at this.

                    I know I can work this business part time with a full time job and just build it slowly. I would just rather work this business full time and build more quickly. In any case, all of you have opened my eyes a bit. I'm not the least bit discouraged about by mission, though. It WILL happen; perhaps just at a different pace and in a different way. I do have wonderful upline people, I'm just anxious to "get this show on the road" ... literally! I guess I'm like a race horse at the gate, blowing my nostrils, ready to take off. Guess I better get real and cool my heels!

                    I appreciated the comment concerning the inconsistency of my past successes -vs- my present J.O.B. When I read it again, I can see how that sends a mixed signal; especially without going into any detail regarding what I was talking about! I should probably mention that the $50,000 is not something the company requires at all, it was just my own figure that I determined would allow me to go into the business full time, and pay it back with interest in 2.5 years. Going into this business is not like buying into a franchise. It only costs $160.00 to get started with this company.


                    Again, thank you for your input!

                    Healthy Girl
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                      remedydesign Newbie
                      Healthy Girl

                      I understand your enthusiasm. I commend it. It is a valuable asset in the MLM field.

                      Please do not do what I hear you wanting to do.

                      I am a consultant in the MLM industry and I
                      have seen numerous people with the same ideas about getting "full-time"
                      to make it successful. Each has ended up in debt and in a situation where they have product that burdens them beyond measure or debt which pressures them into inaction.

                      The comments about the power of the upline and the need to plug in are extremely sound advice. Please take that route, it will serve best in the long run.

                      The MLM business is a tricky beast and more time committed during the day does not make a business grow faster. It tends lead to frustration and your prospects will sense it.

                      Regardless of how good the product may be (and I am not familiar with your company directly) you will be approaching people and "convincing" them.

                      We generally tend to forget after we have accepted a truth how hard it was to convinve us of it in the first place.

                      As for the validity issue of the opportunity I would strongly suggest looking at your upline and corporate views on simply selling the product for profit. I generally find that when a company leads people to the opportunity more than simple consumption of the product they are generally not a reputable company.

                      Best Wishes
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                        Score133 Adventurer

                        It's been a few months since you've posted your question...I'm wondering how you're doing. Do you have your business plan completed yet? Are you still as enthusiastic about the potential as you were in November? I have a couple of comments for you: angel investors typically invest in a business that either provides a service or manufacturers a product. A network marketing situation really doesn't do either. An angel investor has no certainty that the services/products you as an individual will market, will continue to be provided or manufactured. You might be able to create that million-dollar organization within 5 years, but what about the parent company? Will they still be around? And as for the parent company, have you actually read any of the published reports you cite in your query? If not, why not? How do you know they're debt free? Because they tell you? How do you know hospitals in Russia use it? These are some major red flags! Never get involved with an organization until you've done your due diligence! Good luck!
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                          HomeBiz4U Newbie
                          If you plan to join MLM, first research the company, people
                          behind it, research the products, whether you have any interests in selling say
                          cosmetics, or jeans or something of that sort! If not, look for something
                          better. Do not listen to all the negative comments posted here and else where
                          under the disguise of "Be aware"! You know better! Do your due diligence regardless.

                          It is not worth looking for angel investor to loan you money to run MLM biz. I
                          rather see you work at your current job and invest whatever you can come up
                          with. Do not create "spare time biz" rather work part time and as you generate
                          income invest more in the same business and that is the safest way to do it. It
                          is not always easy to make it in businesses like this.

                          I am running one and having a ball! Unbelievable people, great
                          product that heals ton of people each year, great culture, great comp. plan to
                          get me closer to financial freedom
                          that I am looking for. Are you?

                          If you do not find that perfect business and if you are
                          interested please take a look at,
                 and to
                          get involved reach me at

                          Hope to see you on the other side. Look within and you will
                          find a better deal. Associate with people who care and give you proper
                          direction rather than sell you something. Money will follow you if you allow
                          your passion to grow.