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    Does your business rely on it's software to drive revenue?

    wlangan Newbie
      Small businesses that rely on software to drive revenue may have only one chance to get it right. Success is a balancing act between driving revenue and consistently delivering the right features, on time for a fixed cost. Predictability, visibility and control over software development are imperative to gain insight into project health, status and software readiness to make real-time business decisions. Yet small companies often lack time, resources or capital to make these changes.

      Presto, from Black Diamond can help by providing a complete software development environment for your whole team for a fraction of the risk, time and cost needed to implement on your own. Presto provides the right combination of IBM software development tools, engineered into easily consumable appliances, ready to use, with very low monthly pricing for small businesses. To learn more please visit or contact Wayne Langan @