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    Help on making sales projection on my business plan

    maebakes Newbie
      I have a home based baking business. I have few clients who regularly order cakes from me. I was approached by a friend who is willing to invest in my baking business and asked me to submit a business plan.

      I plan to maintain my current kitchen as work place and i am looking at two options:
      One is to be a supplier to coffee shops and probably join trade fairs and bazaars or
      get a small kiosk in a heavy traffic location along the metro.

      If i go for option 1 (supplying cakes) how do i make my sales projection? I have already computed the food cost of my cakes and i have also listed all the equipments that i will be needing to somehow "professionalize" my business.

      I am just stumped with the sales projection especially in computing for the ROI. I was told that in today's economy that it is expected to reach your ROI within 12 to 18 months.

      Will gladly appreciate all your help guys(:


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          sales projection on my business plan, Welcome

          I am SCORE Counselor and would be happy to help you with sales projections

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            businessSIR Adventurer
            One thing you need to do is market research. You already have some clients and that is great. Now you need to forecast how you will do in the future for your business plan. Business Intelligence (BI) is where you take all the current data about your business and use it to make sound judgements about where your buisness is going. What you need to do is look at a few areas to see where you can go.

            Customers- what are they buying, how much are they ordering and how often?

            Economics- What is the economics of the area you operate in? Are people in the area doing fine in the current economy? Can they afford to keep buying your product?

            Logistics- Can you keep the supply up to match the demand? Does your suppliers have enough in stock for when you hit peak and low times? Does your suppliers send what you need on time?

            Opportunity- What kind of opportunity for growth are you seeing in your area? Is it easy to get in a local publication or on local tv to get your product out there?

   -On the site you will see a tab on the left that says business intelligence. Inside you will see how a good BI software for your computer and show you all of this. Its inexpensive and should be a part of every business model. If you have any questions email me at