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    Starting a Clothing Line

    MsLovinLife Newbie

      Hi All,


      I would like to start my own clothing line and I don't have any idea where to begin. Does anyone know the initial steps I would need to take to launch a clothing line. Any suggestions, advice and information is highly desired......and greaty appreciated.




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          businessSIR Adventurer
          First thing you need to do is find out how the market is for new clothing lines especially in your area. Market research is the key here. You might want to attend some trade shows on clothing lines and designers and see what they are saying. What you can also do, and I know alot of times people dont think its to their advantage, go to a local book store or library. The reference and business sections are filled with books on how to start small businesses. I know alot of those books are people who are into the latest get rich quick fads, but alot more are legit.

          If you want you can go to my web site and take a look in the market research tab. There it gives an overview of market research and you can also send me an email at I will be more than willing to help in anyway possible with researching the industry with you.
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            SLifestyle Wayfarer
            Hi, well i'm attempting to do the same thing, the first few things i had to quickly establish were:
            1. what's my style?
            2. who's my target market?
            3. how am i going to get my clothing out to them. (physically and advertising wise)
            4. what materials am i going to be using and where am i going to get those materials?
            5. cost?
            6. who would be my competitors.. what are you offering customers that they aren't?
            Those aren't the exact order, but that's a start. Once i answered those, more questions came to mind and which made me feel as though I already had a clothing line which allowed me to take action... So right now, I'm just managing my money inorder to get a few samples out..

            In the mean time, you can keep up with my blog at Http://

            If you have any questions or would just like to share ideas don't hesitate to contact me, I'm always looking for help myself.

            Best regards
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                MsLovinLife Newbie
                Thank You, SLifestyle.
                I wil definitely checkout your webpage and answer some of those initial questions. I am very new to this and am a bit nervous so I am very appreciate of your advice coming from someone who is in the process of starting their own business.
                Someone also suggested that one of the first steps is to secure investors and funding. Have you completed this process yet? And exactly when do I need to start looking into investors? Also do you have any pointers in this area?
                Again Thanks for your help.
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                    SLifestyle Wayfarer
                    Well first thing, feeling nervous is a good thing... Your next step is to overcome that nervous feeling and like i told you, once you answer those questions and begin taking action, those worries will all fade away.
                    I am interested in investors, but I'm not 100% depending on finding one.. The thing about having an investor is.. most of the time they want the controlling share of your company.. which means if you have any ideas of taking the company to the next level, you have to consult with them first, and that doesn't guarantee it happening. Or, you may think it's not a smart idea to do something, but that doesn't matter because they have control of the company.
                    Now there are positives about having an investor..
                    1. they do provide the capital for essential items
                    2. they usually have experience in the industry
                    3. they usually offer you the necessary resources to take your company to the next level.. for instance, advertising/marketing, manfacturing, import/export

                    It just depends on what they're offering, that's why i'm managing my own money at the moment, so if an investor was to approach me, his offer has to be something that I can't provide for myself at the moment.
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                  I highly recommend that you develop a business plan. I have a free page on my site that gives the outline and some details about what you need in your plan. Here is the link:




                  What will a business plan do for you? Each section will force you to ask questions and find answers to these key aspects of your business. This will lead to your research. Realize that you must not only look for evidence that indicates why your business can work, but you need to be willing to take an honest look at the research that suggests the struggles that you will face and why your business might fail.


                  Plus, creating a business plan will give you a sense of focus in finding your USP (unique selling proposition aka niche) and increase your chances for securing funding if that is your need. Investors, partners, lending institutions, banks, etc... need to see that you have a solid plan that creates strong odds for them to see their return on investment along with an agreed upon exit strategy.


                  Don't try to go after the "everyone" market. Decide a specific focus for your clothing line based upon your passion, your talents, and what your research indicates is a poorly serviced market.


                  If after reviewing my "Planning" page and "Research" page, you have some questions, please let me know.


                  I hope this helps. Good luck.


                  All the Best,


                  Doug Dolan


                  The Solopreneur's Guide


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                      MsLovinLife Newbie
                      Thanks for the information and website. I definitely need a good website to help me with writing this business plan. It is also helpful to have the explanation of why the business plan is necessary. This will help me be more thorough in my development. I think right now, I'm going to take my time to write this plan and be sure that I am including every important aspect of my business. I will also send you a message to let you know how well your website worked for me and to ask any questions I need to (if this is okay with you).
                      Your help is very much appreciated.

                      J. Jones.
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                      MoveForward Scout

                      Are you going to target a specific type of clothing line.
                      Plus Size, Swim wear, Children, etc.

                      This may help us help you.
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                        jimmybelt Adventurer
                        I am a clothing manufacturer, I give you some of my suggestions:
                        1. For a new clothing company, you must sell the products good styles and fabrics. You may copy some of the best products of other brands and add your logo and some of your designs. Nearly all clothing companies are doing it.

                        2. you must find a quality clothing manufacturer which can make you designs to real clothings and make good quality products for you. As you are just in beginning stage, you should find some quality manufacturer and willing to do small quantities.

                        3. If you put orders to manufacturers in small quantities, the prices will be high. But you can ask your suppliers to offer you some swatches of good quality stock fabrics, so the prices will be much lower.


                        My name is Alan. Maybe I can do something for you in future.
                        My email: