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    Opening a Spa

    shawna7 Newbie
      I'm hoping I can get a little bit of help here.

      The Spa that I have been working in just closed its doors a week ago. I am just a couple of days from signing a lease on the location,my questions are:I have applied for the LLC.. should have it in hand by tomorrow, I suppose I can't get a business license until I have signed the lease..AND have the LLC..would this be correct?
      I have a meeting with an accountant tomorrow.
      I am feeling a bit overwhelmed because everything has had to move so quickly becuase of the closing, but I need to get the doors open as quickly as possible for the staff.

      We have applied for a line of credit but that will take about 30 days.
      Am I forgetting anything crucial??lol

      please advise

      thank you
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          northshoreweb Newbie
          You should have a webpage for your business. I am a custom website designer and I can help you! I work with many business around the US and they are all very happy with my work. Take a look at what I have to offer:

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Opening a Spa, Welcome and good luck

            Glad that you are meeting with an accountant. Do NOT forget the Lawyer and Insurance Agent.

            If I was opening a spa, I would develop both a business and a marketing plan.

            I would also contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

            Again good luck, LUCKIEST
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                shawna7 Newbie
                thank you for the well wishes!

                I have already contacted an attorney..and I was in touch with score briefly..they were very helpful..they helped ALOT with the business plan..

                I also just took care of insurance today! so again..thank you for your help..I just feel like I may be missing I will feel this way for a little while..until things settle down.
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                marksla Newbie
                With your business plan in place, let me know if I can help you with your brand identity. Strong brand identity generates success. To view some of our work, please visit:


                Feel free to contact me at:

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                  MoveForward Scout
                  Go to the Home Page of this online community. Under featured you will see
                  "Share your business success stories" open this format then scroll down till
                  you see "How to protect your personal assets when you run a business", this
                  is by nevadalawyer. It is VERY helpful article. I suggest reviewing this.

                  A suggest to assure you have all your ducks in a row..."private opening
                  followed by a soft opening".

                  Private Opening...
                  This means you first open for a day strickly by invitation only. Your invitation
                  offers the invites to a free service, include refreshments. Include promotional products
                  like pens, kuzies to take home with them (they will become your biggest
                  word of mouth). Those attending your private openings know you have new employees
                  and understand you working within a new enviroment. Anything
                  you missed will be caught during this private opening any changes you need to
                  make can be done before the soft opening. You can also gain media attention
                  with a private opening and support the community at the same time. For example:
                  you can send out invitations to the Fire Cheif, Police Cheif, City Mayor, City Council, etc.
                  calling your private opening "You desserve a break this day". During this
                  private day take pictures during this "desserved break themed private opening"
                  and days later write an article to match the photos and send it in to the newspaper.

                  Soft Opening...
                  Following your private opening you should have all the kinks and problems worked
                  out. This includes adding or deleting valid suggestions from your private invitation

                  Quietly open the doors to the public for 30 days or less without the fanfair and
                  ribbion cutting. Get in the grove of the spa before announcing the Grand Opening.
                  Let word of mouth begin to travel. Give every guest an invitation to the Grand Opening.
                  This is your time to tweek to perfection as a team before the Grand Opening.

                  Grand Opening...
                  Make it big and better than the rest. Door prizes, marketing discounts, ribbion
                  cutting, media coverage, pull out all the stops. Don't forget to save the door prize
                  names to send them coupons for the next visit. Lure the parents with kid jumps.
                  Get a hometown hero in the spa during a given time. Advertise.

                  I bet you are simply letting your mind go around in circles with worrying because you are
                  currently overwhelmed, with lack of sleep and your mind has no time to shut-down.
                  YOU NEED A SPA!

                  And soon you will have a very successful one to go too daily! Wish I was you!!