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    Call Center Outsourcing Services

    stevencs Adventurer

      We have a small call center in ga with about 20 seats.we need to fill about 10 seats we can services any type retail store or small business including ebay we have years of retail experience and ebay and highly skilled agents to serve your needs. we can support log term or short term or night shift.we have handled several client's please check out our site. we service on u.s.a if your in georgia check out our website or visit our new location. we will give very good prices.


      Call center outsourcing remains a popular and viable way to deliver high quality service while lowering operating costs in the call center. By outsourcing call center functions, companies can improve productivity, extend their service hours and place focus on their core business objectives.


      North GA Virtual Services offers a first rate call center outsourcing service solution with professional customer service to manage your company's outsourcing needs. In the fast paced, high technology world of telecommunications, North GA Virtual Services is an industry leader in call center outsourcing services, providing trained customer service professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clients like Walt Disney World and the FCC.


      Our call center can handle calls from all of your clients, nationwide. Your clients will appreciate well trained easy to understand operators, based in the United States. Our operators can:

      • act as your answering service
      • take orders
      • provide technical troubleshooting and product support

      If you use a call center, contact us to see how we can reduce your cost dramatically with the use of a virtual call center. Click here for a Cost Comparison using Call center outsourcing.


      Chief Executive Officer: Steven C Stamey