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    SEO question

    bruinkid Newbie
      We plan to hire a SEO company - I think we are really ready now after several months of interviewing SEO companies. Now we have a concern: what if this SEO company put a link of our website in a link farm that could cause our website being punished by search engines such as Google and Yahoo?

      If our website is punished, our web will not show up in search results at all and our PR ranking will become zero. (now we have a PR rank of 4). We will make sure we ask the SEO companies not to use any unethical way to do SEO but there is a risk that they do not listen to us.

      So now my question is:

      Is there anyway we can do if our website DO get punished? - since there is no way we can get the link farm to take our link off their websites.

      We would really appreciate answers from any SEO company or professional who has an expertise on this.
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          SEO question, Contact Gabriel at SEMWarrior (a Member)

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            textpros Newbie
            Get references!!! Make sure no link farms is in your contract. This way if you have an issue you can show the search engines this was
            done by a third party, and against your agreement. Their is a link farm system that is acutually okay to use. Because they put you links
            on web sites they own, that are relevant to your vertical, however I can't remember their site.

            Warning, services with really low prices are not usually good ones. many companies say thery are seo experts and are using
            off the shelf software. The truth to SEO and good rankings is content, adding and changing relevant content. The spiders are like
            little junkies, the more the content changes, the more frequent they come back. The other factor is web site code. The best code
            for SEO is XHTML hands down. HTML code can create road blocks, meaning relevant content may not be read by the spiders and
            affect your rankings.


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              phanio Pioneer
              There are ways - but you would be better off finding a company that does not farm your link.

              If this does happen - try contacting the major search engines and explaining your problem. Try to find the bad links and remove them. And, give it time - most links roll out of results over time.

              I would also suggest contacting Steve at - Steve is the best I have seen at SEO development - he is above board and is a straight talker (meaing he will tell you what you can do to improve your rankings as well as how to remove bad links.

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                franklinb Adventurer
                I have a great resource for you. This is a leading "white hat" seo company at the leading edge of seo engineering and site structuring. If you take this link it will lead to their Free SEO Site Analysis, and after that analysis is completed you can decide if they have a program you can live with and feel good about paying for.

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                I am certain that you will benefit from the free analysis they do. It is a value added service they are doing to get new customers.