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    iPhone or Blackberry?  Cast your vote.

    amspcs Ranger
      I'm finally taking the plunge to a Smartphone. Interested in hearing pros and cons
      about iPhone and Blackberry devices.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Depends on who your carrier is if it's AT&T you may want an iPhone. If Verizon, Blackberry, if Sprint PalmPre....remember if you change carriers to get an iPhone there are early contract termination charges usually around 200.00.
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            VirtuousP31 Newbie
            i actually heard that apple eventually will no longer be exclusive to at&t. that will be great on so many levels. that will probably hurt at&t though, because they will then have to be more competitive with their rates.
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              haywood1 Newbie
              I would say Blackberry all the way!!! Even with other carriers (sprint, at&t, verizon, etc) the device is awesome and it really helps to start your business and keep things together. I couldn't tell you how many times i had an idea or was brainstorming and i was on a train or bus and i'm not gonna pull out a piece of paper and pen...or if i needed to look up information or write out a draft i can do that. it's also a really good device for scheduling. conference calls, connecting your email to your calendars, etc. all around BEST DEVICE OUT- HANDS DOWN! The Iphone to me is just for esthetics- it looks nice, it's touch screen but for business purposes BLACKBERRY.

              Hope this helped.