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    Merchants have you considered Affiliate Marketing Yet?

    franklinb Adventurer
      If you are a merchant
      selling products online, I want to recommend that now is a good time to
      start looking at affiliate networks to host your program. Performance
      marketing is good for your bottom line, and getting in now will ensure
      that all the glitches are out of the way before the holidays get here.
      Top notch affiliate marketing professionals are waiting for your offers
      to go live so they can sell your products and services.

      I have been an affiliate for a long time, and I know which networks
      provide the best tools for us and which ones provide the least. Some
      networks are very expensive to join, while others are more affordable.
      If you are a small to medium sized business I am sure you will want to
      take a look at the more innovative and affordable networks to increase
      traffic and sales this season.

      I have 3 performance marketing affiliate networks for merchants that
      were all founded by affiliates who were very successful in this
      industry. These people have made affiliate to merchant interfaces with
      all the bells and whistles, and they don't cost like the big guys in
      the industry do. Networks founded by former affiliates are the best

      Here are 3 networks I want to recommend for merchants who are looking for effective affiliate program management and hosting:

      *SHAREASALE</stro<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">

      Excellent affiliate tools for datafeeds, product displays and deep
      linking. Great on time network that does not allow adware or spyware.
      They host all kinds of merchants in many niches. Pay per sale, pay per
      lead, pay per click are included, and I use mostly the pay per sale.
      This is my favorite network from the affiliate standpoint. Totally
      awesome people and support. This network, and the guy who founded it
      have received tons of awards for excellence and best practices. They
      will promote your new merchant account with the incoming affiliate
      traffic they get, and it is significant.

      *Avantlink</str<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="2">

      Another great network with incredible tools for affiliates and
      merchants. I like this one for a lot of my winter sports niche sites.
      They kind of specialize in that niche, but they also offer merchants
      who sell all kinds of other goods like pet supplies, baby supplies,
      bikes and fishing stuff. Very good product display tools and datafeed,
      as well as API. It is amazing how these smaller networks started by
      affiliates are more affordable, have more tools and work better than
      the big name networks who have so few tools. I love this network. They
      will also promote your new merchant account to the affiliates through
      email notification and website.


      This is another network founded by a leading affiliate, and I have
      attended a convention where he was the keynote speaker. Excellent
      business practices and lot of awards have earned Pepperjam a great
      reputation in the performance marketing space. I have less experience
      with this network than the other 2 above, but I recommend you look it
      over to see if it is a fit for you. I know these people are interested
      in your success as a new merchant, and they also promote new merchants
      to the affiliate membership.

      Merchants need ways to increase sales this season, and there is no
      better way than a top rated performance marketing network like these
      mentioned above. I recommend you do a pricing comparison after looking
      a these networks, then go to the big names in the industry and see how
      much they cost. You will then see the value of doing business with
      industry leaders who practice real innovation and creativity at the
      lowest possible price. These and a few other networks are featured at my site, along other related content.

      There is plenty of time now to begin this process to be prepared for the holiday season. What do you think about this idea?