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    Do I really need an Accountant?

    truckdrivver Newbie
      I'm a small trucking company, one employee (myself) one truck. Do i really need an accountant or can i do it myself. I see that Bank of America offers many services like Online Payroll,Tax services and Quick Books
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Do I really need an Accountant?

          If you are the owner of a trucking company, do you need insurance??

          Everybody in business should have an Accountant, A Lawyer and an Insurance Agent.

          Do you really need an Accountant?? YES
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            dedicated Newbie
            This is an interesting question most small businesses ask, and I can go into a discussion about setting up professional standards and practices, and I could talk about the benefits of experiece a professional would bring. Instead I'll just ask this. Do you want to do the accounting? Most small business owners didn't get into business to do bookkeeping and paper work. Get an accountant to do what they do, so you can do what you do. I bet you'll be happier in the long run.

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              MoveForward Scout

              I was in your boat sometime ago, back then we did not have
              access to computers. I relied on and still do rely on the
              SBA (Small Business Administration ) this free service is
              wonderful you may have an office within
              your area. They and my SCORE mentor suggested I start
              out doing this myself but first hire would be an administrator
              who understood how to do my books and my admin. work.
              Once we grew I hired a professional.

              Now you can do all this with online books. The time it takes
              you will be a learning experience but it will also remind you
              where you have to save from spending, remind you of your
              spending habits, and force you to work harder in order to
              afford a bookeeper/administrator.

              Grow smart without spending more!
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                paulieab Wayfarer

                our accountant retired and we were high and dry....I found on techcrunch or somewhere like that. It works for us...and its free...perfect for very basic stuff....its not really an accounting system but have a look
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                  bassfcsllc Newbie
                  In your situation its hard to determine. There are alot of variables that you run into. The first would be what kind of business structure are you. LLC, Corporation, or sole proprieter. Depending on your classification, this would help answer your question. There are many rules and regs with taxes and other expenses once your start a trucking company that an accountant would be able to assist you. As far a full-time accountant no, but an accountant for month end and year end I would suggest. There are lots of accountants not CPA's that are able to do the job without paying CPA money. Another thing is the money you spend on the accountant is tax dedutible as well.
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                    Hey Truck Driver,

                    You absolutely should, since a good accountant can save you loads of money in taxes, plus keep you out of trouble. A bookkeeper is not the same as an accountant, however. One does your quarterly taxes, while the other does day-to-day receipts and filing. You can get that cheap and part-time, so definitely affordable. Outsourcing stuff like this has been key to the growth of our company.

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                        paulieab Wayfarer

                        I couldn't agree more. There are two things you need to make sure of:

                        1. That you stay organised...keep on top of your admin....dont let paperwork pile up - it truly is a recipe for disaster!
                        2. That you get an accountant to keep you on track for taxes and the legal elements

                        Its pretty simple....but you need a little discipline...if you keep your paperwork uptodate you should be fine.

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