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    Website Review

    My_Lan Adventurer
      Hey Guys,

      So I need another website bashing, ahem I mean review. This is one is for runners to look at compiled results of races around the nation. Its not entirely complete but about 90% is, I still have to work on the actual user area. So does anyone here mind taking a look and giving their feedback?

      The site is:
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          franklinb Adventurer
          I admit I know very little of this subject matter, but I do have a suggestion right after seeing it.

          In the masthead area that is navy blue, change the font color to white for the sentance beginning with

          the advanced workout log for runners .... and the registration link. Both of these are very hard to see and having them more visible will help new users to want to sign up.

          I know of a good service where they will give you a seo analysis for free if you want one. This is good informatioon and it will help you prepare the site for search.

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            AjithNY Wayfarer

            Hi My_Lan,

            The site is cool looking and simple. Please see my recommendations

            1. I think it would be better to add 2 min vidoe presentation to explain about the site and the business plan.
            2. A light weight images can be used to convey the business ideas etc
            3. space between font can be increased, exampl- space between register and logion option etc
            4. Grid style can be improved withr right themes
            5. Rather than making fully white back ground , try to use some light colors to make sure the users can stay
            6. No information about the copy right . busines promoter, contact information including your phone number, emal etc
            7. I didn't see any member ship & communty areas?
            8. how can we share our resrouce libraries etc ?
            9. Do you have email posting and subscriptions etc ?

            I can give you more comments
            please see my skype handle :exaltintegral

            Good Luck !!