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    SEO Basics - Easy SEO Strategies for Beginners - Part 1

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      SEO Basics for Beginners - Part 1 - Keyword Research



      Step One in Your Beginner SEO Strategy - Keyword Research


      This is where you find out which Keyword Terms and Keyword Phrases your potential customers are looking for. It also gives you alternate Keyword Phrases and terms you may not have thought have. Very valuable for a beginner.


      The Keyword Research Tool will show you:
      How many times it was searched for
      The average number of times it was searched for in a particular month
      and much more

      Some of the keyword research info is directed at Google AdWords account users and managers, so it shows Cost-per-Click. You can ignore this for "Organic" SEO strategies as a beginner. This other info is for PPC "Pay-Per-Click" Advertising, which you can read about here...



      SEO Keyword Research - Know the popular Keywords people use to find you. You can do this with the Free Google SEO Keyword Research Tool - IMPORTANT: Open this link in a new window so you can read the directions at the same time.


      1) Type your 3 Keyword Phrases - pick ones you think work for your industry or service

      2) Each Keyword Phrase will need to be on a separate line

      3) Type the Captcha letters into the field

      4) Click "Filter My Results" Link - Click the BOX that says "Don't show ideas for new keywords..." You can uncheck this box after running your first report to see more alternate keywords as well. That will be SEO Basics, Step 10)

      5) Click on "Get keyword ideas" button. Your keyword phrases should show up with info on the right hand side of each one.

      6) Right below that button you will see "Choose Columns to Display". Under those words there is a drop down menu. Choose "Show All". This will reveal lots of columns.

      7) Look at "Local Search Volume:Month". This is number is for how many keyword searches there were for that phrase in the last month.

      8) Look at "Global Monthly Search Volume". This is number is for the average number of searches per month for a 12 month period.

      9) You can see the trend of searches in the next column. This is helpful if you are selling Halloween items and want to see when people start searching.

      10) On the far right column, you will see "Match Type" with a Drop Down Menu under it. Read below for simplified explanations of those Match Type terms.


      Broad - Many other similar keyword search terms count for volume

      Phrase - The keywords you enter plus any word(s) before or after the phrase count for volume

      Exact - Only the exact phrase you entered counts for volume


      10) You can now go back and uncheck the "Filter my Results" box "Don't show ideas for new keywords.." and many more keyword phrase options will show up. Scroll down. The keyword list can be very long sometimes.

      Look out for Basic SEO Strategies for Beginners - Part 2 - Link Building for Beginners

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      SEO Basics and Easy SEO Strategies for Beginners - Part 1


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