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    What's the best thing you've done to get business moving?

    Tito_Isa2009 Newbie
      As a newly started, small business owner in the construction industry, I'm wondering what everyone has done in the past that has been worth your time and money to make business come in your front door? I'm curious to find out what others in the construction industry have experienced and what has worked for you in order to produce more business. I know that with this downfall of the economy, work is slow just about everyone, but there's gotta be a way or method that works well enough to keep a small business going at a steady speed with work. I've put in so many different bids for jobs all over the US and nothing has come my way. Am I the only one experiencing this?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          As a newly started business you need a Business Plan.

          *You say that you are a subcontractor company doing all types of retail, commercial,
          industrial and some residential construction, all over the
          United States. So how can you say that "* I've put in so many different bids for jobs all over the US and nothing has come my way"

          Do you have an Accountant who keeps track of each job??

          I am a Quickbooks consultant and love Chicago. Let me know if I can help you
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            MoveForward Scout

            Suggestion: Start thinking out-of-the box without spending
            unessassary money. Your in a competion with the rest of
            the construction pack, that is why you have to pull away from
            the pack and stand out!

            Example: My son is a soph. in high school. The football
            team is his passion. He is in a school of 1,200, so not all
            know each other. Last season the coach only called on him
            from the sidelines twice to play, he did as great as the rest.
            But having so many on the team, his odds were slim to play.
            This season I told him I would give him $100 to put on the
            lime neon yellow cleats I purchased, he would have to wear them
            for practice and the games (uniforms red and gold
            with black shoes)in order to collect the money and I told him why.
            Reluctant he wore them. The coach and team felt he lost his
            mind. But soon he was known as "yellow shoes" by all!
            When more than half the kids had no idea of each others name
            they all know "yellows shoes. And it did exactly what I had
            hoped, it let him stand out when he needed to, because
            in the middle of a heated game the coach is pacing the line
            looking up and down jumping up and when he has no time to
            stop and think, YELLOW shoes is noticed time and time again
            among all the same old black feet. No I will not let him trip
            the coach with the shoes, but making sure the shoes are noticed
            reminds the coach he can be sent out AND IT WORKS!
            You see, he marketed himself in an out-of-the box way, and kept
            it fun (the cheerleaders call him "Sunshine" I beleive I owe him
            no money he owes me!!!!!)

            One of my suggestion for you...Create a
            mascot! A fun kid related mascot (Bob the Builder is one
            example of how you can take a concept and work it to your
            advantage). Use this mascot in your logo. School carnivals,
            Festivals, Fairs, Health Events, Footballs Games, etc. would
            LOVE to have you for free. Now you not only marketed your
            company but also have a family friendly image! Add a unique
            concept to your mascot by mixing in a message pehaps something


            like "Got Nails" (mom's save their nails so you can bring yours!).
            Or focus on energy theme or helpful theme. Wish I knew they
            type of construction (commerical, home, repair, etc) you did.

            Have the mascot on your trucks, in costume, everywhere.

            Have stickers made with the mascot, kids will wear and advertise
            for you.

            If you are focusing on commerical only, these people have families
            do all the steps they will find you.

            EVERY single car has to pass emittion test to
            renew licenses plates, have your logo and info on the dumpster
            that these cars stare at when at waiting in line.

            Best Wishes