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    what do llc's cover

    cheylonk Newbie
      a few friends and i have decieded to start a web site, and i think that an llc is the best way to go...but i am still trying to find out what it covers or even if it is a good idea...any help is welcome...thankyou
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          what do llc's cover, Welcome

          Who are you?? Everybody in business should have both an accountant and a lawyer.

          Talk to YOUR Lawyer

          An LLC combines corporate and partnership characteristics.

          Again talk to your lawyer, LUCKIEST
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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Copied from a post by nevadalawyer (and thanks)


            Limited Liability Companies

            The newest business form is the limited liability company ("LLC").
            LLC's offer the tax benefits of a partnership and the personal
            liability protections of a corporation. Though this may sound similar
            to a limited partnership, LLC's offer more flexibility than limited
            partnerships. For example, unlike limited partnerships, LLC's have no
            general partner. So no LLC member will be exposed to unlimited personal


            LLC's are typically easier to form and maintain than corporations. LLCs
            are formed by filing a simple certificate with the state and entering
            into an agreement with the other owners stating how the company will
            operate. An LLC can be set up so it doesn't need formal meetings.


            Selecting the proper form for your business is critical, as it affects
            issues like control, personal liability, taxes and other issues that
            directly affect the success of your business. Each of the business
            forms has advantages and disadvantages. Our law firm can review your
            situation to see which form is best for your business. <!--Session data-->