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    The 7 Most Overrated Businesses

    rbensen Newbie
      Kelly Spors and Kevin Salwen wrote an article entitled above.

      What are the 7 businesses with the highest chance of success, especially in todays economy, and keeping future trends in mind?
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          Hobbes Newbie
          A very thought provoking article - the authors make some very good points. However, what business ISN'T covered in their list?
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            Charlie1 Newbie
            The one thing I would like to point out, as well, is that the author is lumping all of the businesses in one category and trying to portray they are all the same, for example, under "Direct Sales".

            The fact is, there are companies out there that the individuals pay checks are NOT taken from their team members . Not all Direct Sales are Pyramid Schemes and people should know that. Of course, research and you will see what I'm talking about. My wife has been in Direct Sales for the last 10 years and has actually increased profits due to the economy. (The Marketing Plan for the company she works for is taught at Harvard University!) The key to Direct Sales is to provide a "Consumable Product" to the customer. That way you don't have all that "Junk" sitting in your basement.

            And don't forget, the authors work for/represent Bank of America so the independent small business don't always bring in the big $$$ that the banks are looking for.

            The truth is, a small business, even the ones he mentioned, you have to research and you must also be willing to "Go to work" each day to make them succeed.