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    Need advice/suggestions

    nemataayeh Newbie
      Hello, my name is nema, am 24yrs old from Maryland. Im Thinking about starting my own Residential Health Services, where by i will provide atleast one health services such as Aide only, or nursing and Aide services. I have clinical experience and also very motivated. I just wanted to know where to start? Or if anyone know about a good book or website on how to start a nursing agency. Also, how do i go about starting this type of business. I am using this time to research, plan, and learn about the business, in the hope of starting early next year. Thanks
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          EZbizCredit Newbie
          befor you start a business , start a corporation and put a division under it and use it for your nursing business. Then build credit for the corporation and use the credit to expand your business. Keep it away from your personal. but keep building up your personal credit too. if you read what I wrote for the lady who wants to open a coffe shop that may give you more information

          good luck

          sha noveen
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Need advice/suggestions

            The best suggestion is to develop a business plan first
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              businessSIR Adventurer
              What you first need to do is check with the Secretary of State and find out what license you need to start the business and all the forms that go with it. Starting a business can cost as little as a few hundred dollars, if you do all the leg work yourself, or pay an attorney to do it which will cost you more. I know alot of small businesses where the owners did the paperwork themselves and it cost them just a few hundred to start working. Another thing you need to do is check with your state to see if there is a licensing board over health care matters like what you are trying to do. Also you need to see if you have to have any special insurance for your business. If you want you can visit my site its a free consultation site for small businesses. Click on the market research tab on the left and start researching what you need.

              If you want you can email me at I have no problems helping you to go in the right direction. Starting a small business should never have to break anyone although you have to know that you will need to spend money in some areas. We at business SIR (Security, Intelligence, Research) are young professionals in the internal security, business and corporate intelligence, and market research industries. Everything we will discuss is confidential and best of all free of charge.