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    what can a sourcing company  do for you?

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      1. Feasibility study: research of products and suppliers, collecting samples and information during professional exhibitions.;
      2. Qualify supplier choice: audit of supplier and negotiation of price ;
      3. Order management: place order to supplier;
      4. Quality control:control of on-going production and inspection of final products;
      A.During Production Inspection


      1) A visual check on the quality of components, material, semi-finished and finished products when at least 20%-30% of the order has been completed
      2) DTAL-Inspection randomly inspects the production batch and those products in the line for possible defects
      3) If any should occur, DTAL-Inspection identifies the deviation and provides advices on the corrective measures that are necessary to ensure a uniform batch quality and a quality product
      a) Evaluate the production status during the manufacturing process
      b) Randomly inspect the finished samples on-site and compare them with your product specifications
      c) According to the evaluated status of finished and semi-finished samples, rearrange the QC layout in the factory
      d) Evaluate the packing details and packing material
      e) Check the accuracy of production equipments and disposal methods for defective goods
      *f) Recommendati
      *B.Pre-Shipment Inspection


      1) It takes place when the merchandise is 100% completed, packed and ready for shipment
      2) Our inspectors draw some samples from finished goods, based on statistical random sampling technique, commonly known as ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, MIL-STD-105E, BS6001, DIN40080, ISO2859 or NFX06-022
      3) We check on quantity, workmanship, color, style, function, size specification, packing details, label and etc. to verify than the finished shipping lots conform to your specification
      4) The ordinary procedure is as follows:
      a) Quantity check
      b) Sampling
      c) Compare with submitted samples/PO information/specification/instruction manual
      d) Workmanship (here, an acceptable quality level is adopted which sets a numerical limit for the acceptance of defects in the sampled lot based on critical, major or minor problems
      e) Data measurement (including function test)
      f) Packing
      *g) Shipping m
      *C.Loading Supervision


      Our inspectors will reach factories, warehouse, loading place to check product's information, quality, and package when loading, supervise the whole loading process and help manufacturer finish loading under correct and clear working clauses and working process:*
      1) Record the weather/arrival time of container/container no./truck no.
      2) Check the inner and outer condition to see whether there is any
      damage/wet/hole/peculiar smell
      3) Check the quantity of goods loaded and record the condition of outer packaging (master cartons/pallets)
      4) Randomly draw and open some cartons to verify that the goods meet with customer's specification
      5) Supervise the whole loading process
      *6) Record the seal No. and departure time of container


      of goods and the international logistics: Arrangement of cargo and declaration of custom