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    Can you store an existing Contact database on line?

    Montana Newbie
      Is there a way to securely store and use my ACT! database on line? For years our employees have shared a central database stored on a computer in LAN system. It would be easier if they could access it from home.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          If you have remote back up a link can be configured to access that data.
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            Do you want the data "stored" or available for use by multiple users at the same time?

            These are two differeent issues. The first can be handled by remote backup but if people open/close the database at different times it could cause problems.

            My guess is you want "synchronos" capability where multiple people can open and use the database. The is more of a problem since it would require your web/server providor to allow reda/write cabilities.

            Are you on a shared or dedictaed server?
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              webneeds Adventurer
              I am not much sure about ACT compatibility. However if it does have capabilities to export as an csv file we can help you in creating a secured website with Login access which will help your employees to login from whereever they have internet access. Pls contact me at to help you better.

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                techshortcut Newbie
                As another reader mentioned, there are two issues here - backup and web access.

                1. Backup

                It depends on the version of Act! you are running. Newer versions use Microsoft SQL so if you are interested in online backup you would likely want a provider that can communicate with SQL Server to back it up through the SQL Server interface. I know Mozy Pro can backup "live" or "running" SQL Server databases. Another option would be to back up Act! on a local machine and then have the backup copied to an online backup service-- in this case the backup is not being done on a live database. Getting data offsite is very important and online backup sure is an easy way to do it.

                2. Contact Web Access

                You would want to (1) define how you want to use or share the contacts online and (2) identify how many users will be accessing the contact data, There is a wide range of possibilities. If you want others to access contact information and more then you start to get into customer relationship management (CRM) products and services. Act! 2010 corporate edition does have an online option but there are also other services like Salesforce which has a new Contact Manager edition. Zoho even has a CRM web application includes contact management and is free for up to 2 users. really depends on your needs and budget.

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                  vinod1978 Adventurer
                  There are quite a few companies that allow you to have online access to your ACT database. One of the largest sites out there is They allow you to import your entire ACT database and do a lot more with it, however it is not exactly the most cost effective solution out there.
                  Here is another company:

                  However, an important question is: do you want to remain using ACT as your database management tool or do you want to simply export these data out of ACT into another format and create, and edit fields using a web browser (or other software independent client).

                  My suggestion would to export the data out of ACT so you are not tied down to a single format. There are many services that convert ACT to another format. Here is one of those tools:

                  Once you completed an export you can quickly create and edit your database with many different available online database management tools that you can share to all your employees. However, if you want to stick with ACT completely then you can upgrade to the 2010 version. The 2010 version allows you access ACT from anywhere online and also has iPhone and Blackberry applications.

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