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    How to start a Boutique?

    lilmisspopula Newbie
      Hello Everyone!!

      I have saved and saved a portion of all of my real estate commissions to open a boutique.

      (I have been in real estate for 7 years)

      I am not looking for investors, I just need advice and good honest help.

      I have no idea where to start, but I do know what I want.

      So does anyone have a step by step guide to starting a clothing boutique?
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          amspcs Ranger
          Recipe for business success:
          1.) Do your homework
          2.) Do some more homework.
          3.) When your done...then do some more homework.

          See where I'm going? I've been in the business-to-business field for years and can tell you, the #1 reason by far businesses fail (after being undercapitalized) is people making foolish decisions because they didn't know what they were doing, didn't have the gumption to educate themselves, and weren't smart enough to consult someone who DID know what they needed to know.

          There are lots of resources for you. SBA. SCORE. Take advantage of all of them.

          Find out everything there is to know about the boutique business. If you've never worked in one ( I mean WORKED in one, not just shopped in one), I'd go so far as to say get a job in one and experience it first hand before you sink your hard earned money into your own venture.

          Not trying to scare you--opening up your own business is great! But it's not easy, especially nowadays.
          Make sure it turns into your dream, not your nightmare. That is largely in your hands. Good luck.


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            MoveForward Scout
            Go to Members and find LUCKIEST he is with SCORE
            (Mentors) you can find out more about SCORE when
            you google it. He can help you set-up your business
            plan step by step.

            Very Best to YOU
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              openaboutique Newbie
              Hi Lillmisspopula,

              We currently are giving away access to a video presentation that answers your exact question: "Where do I start?"

              The video comes with a free PDF download which is the companion mind map for quick reference to all the steps involved that we talk about.


              I hope it helps and best of luck!