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    What is the definition of "White Hat" SEO?

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      What is the definition of "White Hat" SEO? "White Hat" means that the Denver SEO company doing your SEO engineering is using "best practices" methods that search engines condone and allows for a positive web user experience.

      These SEO methods are better for your long-term ranking and Internet reputation in search engine algorithms.


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      When an SEO company uses quality, "White Hat" SEO techniques for your website ranking, the search engine algorithms will NOT penalize or ban your website from ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages). This is important to your Internet marketing campaign as it can take quite a long time to get a release from Google's penalty box to start ranking again.


      If "White Hat" SEO best practices are good SEO techniques. What are bad SEO techniques called? Bad methods are referred to as "Black Hat" SEO.


      Some "Black Hat" SEO methods to avoid are:


      1) Keyword Stuffing - This "Black Hat" SEO is when a webpage has too many of the keyword phrases all over the website. If you are a "Denver SEO Company" for example, you can't have "Denver SEO Company" written 500 times on one webpage.


      "White Hat" SEO - Have a qualified Denver SEO company do "Keyword Density" analysis on your website to learn the safe percentage of keywords to use.

      2) Hidden or Tiny Text - This "Black Hat" SEO is when a webpage has keyword text programmed to be the same color as the background of page so users cannot see it or you try to make Keywords very small, I.E. using a 3-point font. The search engine algorithms and spiders can see it and will penalize your SERP for doing it.


      "White Hat" SEO - Make your SEO content user friendly and natural. Web users prefer well-written, relevant content. You can still have keywords in your content that search engines will find.


      3) Cloaking - This "Black Hat" SEO is when search engines index a page for one type of content, but when a web surfer goes to the page, it is totally different.


      "White Hat" SEO - Create a real webpage or a real website that actually offers the service or product that is indexed in the code.


      4) Duplicate Web Sites - This "Black Hat" SEO is when a webmaster copies the content on a high ranking site and changes just a few elements, but keeps most of the identical content. This not only will get you banned from Google, Yahoo, or Bing, it is copyright infringement, which can possibly become a lawsuit.


      "White Hat" SEO - Don't be cheap. Make sure to hire a "White Hat" SEO Company that will write original SEO friendly content for your website. It will pay off in the long run.


      5) Doorway Pages - This "Black Hat" SEO is where a page is keyword targeted to search engine spiders only. However, when a web surfer goes there, they never see that content and it takes them to another completely different page.


      "White Hat" SEO - Use SEO analysis of your site and upgrade your search engine ranking by making your site relevant on the Internet with quality content that real customers want to find.


      The combination of legitimate SEO is valuable. There is no shortcut to ranking quickly that is worth getting banned from Google, Yahoo, or Bing. If you don't know SEO techniques, find a quality SEO company that knows the ins and outs of Internet marketing and search engine ranking.


      You wouldn't try to operate on your own leg if you didn't know surgery or medicine. Find a good Denver SEO company and request a consultation or website evaluation. Talk to at least two "White Hat" SEO companies. You'll learn a lot from how they interact with you. Most importantly, check the work and results for past clients more than 3 months ago.


      Gabriel DiCristofaro
      Business Oceans SEO Company - Denver, Colorado