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    At home Shopping Online

    hayou1897 Newbie

      I have been offering service to consumers and businesses for years at for a low Price from a verity of venders, but over the last few month i have notice smaller orders and are looking for ways to increase the trafic to this site, any help in marketing will help thanks
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          franklinb Adventurer
          After looking at your site I can see that you offer a wide variety of products. Lots of choices.

          For one thing you need to do some serious SEO work on the site. The pages do not appear to have titles, but I did see description and keyword meta tags. I also see you do not have social media tags on the site. You can get them for free at It allows visitors to share your site on social media platforms.

          Do you have a budget for increasing the traffic, doing site SEO and stuff like that?

          Another idea is to join an affiliate network like Shareasale. I offer it on my website. Here is a url that leads to their site so you can get a look.*

          If you want to talk about some ideas, we could get on the phone tomorrow. Email me at and we can talk. Otherwise,