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    Peachtree or Quickbooks

    RLSJR123 Newbie
      I am in the process of starting my own accounting service for small business. Which software is better suited for accounting purposes...Peachtree or Quickbooks?
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          amspcs Ranger
          "Better" is a matter of personal preference.

          My understanding is: Peachtree is more suited for professionals or those who know a little more than
          average about accounting. Quickbooks is more 'idiot proof' for the average small businessperson who knows little or nothing about accounting,.

          If you will be servicing primarily small businesses, my guess is you'll have to invest in not only one version of Quickbooks, but several so that you can work with the various fiiles your clients will forward to you. You'll also want a copy of Peachtree residing on your computer as well.


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            GitaFaust Wayfarer

            Which ever software you use, knowledge of accounting is important as well as the software's limitation. If you are going to provide bookkeeping services QuickBooks will be fine. It will be also useful, if you can learn how you can overcome those limitation with add-ons software products (also known as 3rd party software) . Visit the software's website, view the marketplace to learn more about the 3rd party software.