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    Want to secure financing to save our farm

    healinghorse Newbie
      I am writing to get advice on how to secure financing for a non profit that I have started. I have been financing the farm with my own money and learning as I go. I recently recieved approval from the IRS for my 501 c3 designation, which was a huge step. I am certain that I can raise funds, etc to maintain and grow the mission here at Healing Horse Farm but need capital to do that. I need advice on finding a good board of directors that can help me with this endeavor but to do that I need some immediate funding to continue maintaining the farm while I search the right people out. I am a big picture person and also want to attract a business partner that would be interested in the details of the business. I created the vision and what I consider my mission now I must address the details...backwards a heck but it is truly my purpose on this earth. Please Help if you can! H
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          *Financing to save our farm, Welcome

          *I would be most interested in serving on your board of directors. I
          am the Treasurer of two Non- Profits*
          in New York.

          *To raise money or in
          your words "to secure financing", you need a Business Plan.*

          *Let me know
          how I can help, LUCKIEST*
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            phanio Pioneer
            There are options depending on the amount you are seeking and purpose of the funds. Hard to give advice without these questiosn being answered.

            For a BOD - look locally for other business professionals like CPAs, Lawyers and other business owners.

            There are also private foundations that could provide grants to non-profits as long as your mission matches their mission.

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              MoveForward Scout

              As Event Planners we assist Non-Profit Fund Raising and
              Special Events. Here are some suggestions that may
              help you.

              • Look up CNM (Center for Non-Profit Management)
              they are awesome and will support you along the way.

              • Contact The Elephant Sancuary they are located in Tenn.
              The lady who started this has the same start as you
              and she is now doing great with strong supporters
              behind her.
              Email her and ask her to mentor you.

              • Be very careful of fund raising events that you have that
              are not tied in with your image. For a number of reasons
              media and individuals will have a mind set as to this is
              who you are should your fund raiser not fit your image.
              Example: A Private Elementry School has a
              "Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest" as a fund-raiser,
              this is not a great image for the school, even if the
              school is only receiving proceeds and the Hawaii Tropic
              people are simply using the space.

              Select fund-raisers that bring them to you, keep your
              mission in front of them and by the end of the fund-raiser
              you have a new supporter. Example for you:
              Healing Horse Barn Party...Bluegrass Style Country Music,


              BBQ and Fun. Ticket Proceeds benefits the Healing Horse


              Farm. (Now they come to the farm, support your cause,


              enjoy meeting the network of supporters, and etc.).


              • United Way each year in each area gives non-profits


              who have there 501 certificate funds. Contact your office


              for paperwork now and get this in by Oct. 31st for 2010.


              • When forming a board look to animal vet, teacher,


              banker, pet store manager, animal shelter director,
              co-op representative. All these fit your mission.

              • Soon as you are stable hire someone part-time (or freelance
              person) to take care of the enormous amount of
              paperwork that comes with a 501, this includes every
              meeting and penny has to be logged. Make sure they
              understand the 501 guidelines. This person will be your
              answer to keeping you on track with the 501.

              My suggestion, you have qualified for a 501 this is a huge
              hoop (they are now very tight in handing these out). You may
              want to not look for any form of a loan and take steps with
              the 501 such as three big annual events (ask a horse show
              to have a show as a fund raiser), qualify for non-profit funds
              CNM can help you and look to United Way.

              Best to you