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    Buying Online Without a Credit Card.

    franso Adventurer

      I don't want to use my credit card online!


      people think that if they use their cards online they will be
      defrauded,conned, scammed etc. This can happen anytime if you are not
      careful of where you are buying.


      must learn how to use your card safely if you want to start an online
      business because internet like any other social place has different
      kind of people. The only way you can avoid this is getting these
      services from companies which offer them or contactig your bank for the
      service. Online business is booming and your fear will not take you
      anywhere. Companies like yahoo,google and MSN offer online services. Do
      you want to tell me that you don't trust yahoo?


      answer is: Use only reputable companies to transact online. For general
      purchases such as clothes, laptops, electronics etc you can use Amazon
      and Ebay. For webhosting and domain names there are quite a number of
      companies but the ones i have dealt with are startlogic, webhostingpad, Hostgator, 1and1 and Financial Freedom (.ws domains).


      Before i explain the next step, Visit
      read about the services they offer and make sure you have understood
      very well, you can call or even email them for any querries and


      If you have understood everything, visit or Amazon website
      and assume that you want to buy one of their products. Check their
      default method of payment, It is PAYPAL, think of any other website you
      trust and do the same, you will find that 7 out of 10 websites accept
      paypal as a primary meathod of payment.


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          amspcs Ranger

          Good post, good info, thanks. One bone to pick: You seem to infer that Paypal is one of the more secure
          online payment methods out there. In fact, it is one of the least secure simply because it is so public and anonymous. Unlike a real merchant account, there is no underwriting or in-depth investigation of who the processing merchant is, Paypal accepts payments for anybody. Sometimes, 'anybody' doesn't turn out to be so nice..

          The best advise you gave was to deal with reputable online sellers. The same is true with the credit card you use. There are literally thousands of credit card issuers out there, some more customer oriented than others. I would stick with the cards branded by big well-known names.

          Another great idea for online purchases: Some card issuers will issue faux "one time only' account numbers for their customers to use on the net one-time only, so you don't have to put your 'real" cc number on the site. That's a very good idea. Contact y our credit card issuer for details.


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              ninakacp Newbie
              We have been using PayPal for more then 7 years. They are secure and have passed the new PCI compliance standards. We have also used as a payment gateway through a merchant account and found that the most affectice was PayPal. They have been around for a number of years.
              To pass the new PCI compliance rules very strict standards and security must be in place. In the near future you may see that some of the smaller merchant account services will disappear because of the costs involved in these compliance standards set forth by VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and a few other credit card companies.

              What is PCI DSS?
              PCI DSS is a multifaceted security standard that includes requirements
              for security management, policies, procedures, network architecture,
              software design and other critical protective measures. This
              comprehensive standard is intended to help organizations proactively
              protect customer account data.
              The PCI DSS, a set of comprehensive requirements for enhancing
              payment account data security, was developed by the founding payment
              brands of the PCI Security Standards Council, including American
              Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International, MasterCard
              Worldwide and Visa Inc. Inc. International, to help facilitate the
              broad adoption of consistent data security measures on a global basis.