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    Personal investment as asset?

    oakstick Newbie
      Hello, thank you for the welcome. I'll try to be brief. I'm pulling together the numbers for
      a presentable business plan. The company will plod along, but I feel it will pick up the
      pace with properly placed financing and marketing. Something friends and family may
      not be able to cover. Two questions at this time,

      1) The owner is the inventor and sole producer. He has invested, prior to incorporation,
      approx. 20-30 thousand dollars for patent, design, research, prototyping, testing
      and small production runs for product samples. Can this personal investment,
      + directly applied to bringing the idea to market, be used as an asset within the+
      + companys' equity?+

      2) For the immediate future, the owner will be the sole employee, product manufacturing
      being contracted out. The owner is, again for the moment, handling all aspects of
      founding the start-up and it's duties. Obviously this will be outlined to expand as
      income is projected. As a full time effort and no additional income, how does the
      + owner list current living expenses into a business plan? Basically, can he ask for+
      + capital to provide himself a salary for running the business and how is this outlined+
      + if so?+

      Thanks, just a close friend trying to help out a very lucky gentleman. The American
      Dream if ever there was one.