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    Social Network Gatherings for Business Research

    businessSIR Adventurer
      BusinessSIR (Security, Intelligence, Research) has been something I have looked forward to starting for a while. One thing I noticed when I looked around the cities that I frequently visit is that alot of small businesses do not talk to each other. Ofcourse one of the main reasons is competition. Who has the time to go and talk about your product or service to a possible competitor? Well in business you have to take a risk at some point. Here in the Louisiana area I noticed that alot of the small business owners I talk too feel that they have no time to get together with someone else. And many times that is true with small businesses where you have to shoulder a larger load than in a large corporation.

      But just like this online forum is here for networking and sharing ideas it is essential that you get out into the community and meet people in your area. At businessSIR we have partnered with several local bars and have held business cocktail hours where people in the business community can come have a drink after work and see whats going on. These gatherings have started many partnerships that would otherwise not have happened. Also it is a good chance to recruit new talent and see what someone is like in person. Also you can see just where your company..or potential company can fit in and fill a need in the local community. Just think of this as kind of a market research project and gather intelligence on what you need to make your business sucessful.