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    Intuit PaymentNetwork

    csukthanker Newbie
      Intuit recently launched Intuit PaymentNetwork: . Small businesses can now receive payments for only 50c/transaction and send payments for Free.
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          amspcs Ranger
          Are you sure? I tried Googling Intuit Payment Network and nothing came up.
          Since they ask very personal info including SS #, it would be best to access Intuit
          ONLY via their direct site, not off of a link from something else such as the link in
          this post. Nothing personal, just common sense safety first.

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            jollyscience Newbie
            DON'T USE THEM!

            My company recently signed up for this service, and have been through absolute hell since doing so. They arbitrarily hold payments (incoming and outgoing), and when dealing with their customer support, they've been remarkably unprofessional. Finally, I was told that "due to high volume of transactions" they were closing our account(!!!). In about 60 days, we had about 15 transactions. (Yes, 15 in 60 days).

            Jolly Science is a development company with contractors all over america. We had been using Paypal to make payments to our team members on a bi-weekly basis, and receive payments from our customers as invoices were due. When we heard about the lower rates at Intuit, we setup our account, and offered our clients a discount if they used this service (trying to incentivize them away from the high-charging Paypal). 60 days later, our loyal clients are frustrated because their payments aren't showing up in our account (held without warning), and our contractors are frustrated because their checks are coming in late (held without warning).

            When we were finally able to get someone on the phone, they said these were all "suspicious", and that they would "no longer support such risky transactions". I asked what the criteria for being a "risky transaction" is, and I was told "we don't reveal the information of our investigations".

            To date, their lower fees have cost me customer loyalty and happiness, employee and contractor focus, and now hours of time from me and my accountant fighting with them to release funds that they were holding without telling us.

            STEER CLEAR, PEOPLE. Intuit Payment Network is a legal, protected, SCAM!