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    What account should I use to safely manage my cash flow?

    Julian Newbie
      Hi, I have some money transfer questions needed your expert suggestions.I am just hired by a foreign company to do product pruchase in USA and then ship to them. They will first send money to my account and then I buy the goods. I take commission of certain percent. I am wondering should I ask them to put money into my credit card account or send money to my bank checking account (with rolling number. and account number). I have two concerns (1) even if I see the money input to my account and I use the money to buy the goods and ship to them, but they reverse (or withdraw) back their money from my account afterward. Then the purchase and shipping will be paid by my money. (2) they take my money from my account in the future if I tell them my card number or checking account number. If there is a good way that the money can only be collected, but it can not taken back without my permission. Please give your advice. Thanks in advance.