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    Looking for partners!

    muzica Newbie
      Hello all! I've been working on launching an independent swimwear line and have to admit I need a lot more than 24 hours a day to do this! So hoping to find someone or a couple of someones also doing the same who might be interested in partnering to launch together? Hoping to premiere the online store within the next few months and if all goes well, open up shop within the year. I currently do one offs or small quantities for all of my clients, but will use a manufacturing house once the ball is really rolling. Looking for someone who is ambitious, can sew and/or draw or at the very least communicate their ideas, understands basic business, is extremely social and willing to stay up all night to get things done. I work in music marketing by day, and consider myself a jack of all trades (those in the entertainment industry know what I mean). Looking for someone who thinks the same and can do just about anything at a moments notice. Please message me if interested!