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    Why does performance marketing increase targeted sales?

    franklinb Adventurer
      Performance marketing is also called Affiliate Marketing. I like the word "performance" because it really does hit the nail on the head. As an affiliate, your performance determines your income. You must be effective in publishing websites, blogs, articles and social media contributions that direct visitors to merchant provider sites where sales are realized.

      Affiliate Marketing is all about making sales. Perfomance is the keyword here. As an affiliate member of any network or merchant program, you must perform to earn money. Simple and beautiful truth.

      In the offline world of sales, a performance marketer is the Commission Only Salesman. My dad was a long time salesman in the old ways. He sold business forms for a Canadian company for several decades, and he was a commission only salesman. In today's economy and today's technology, his skills would probably be best utilized within the industry of Affiliate (performance) Marketing. It is the same.

      I have been a performance marketer for years. Like my dad, I sell for commissions and I have to sell to make money. Unlike my dad, I represent many different companies. I sell for sporting goods retailers, health products retailers, electronics retailers and so forth. The list is actually too big to place here. The point is that if I don't sell, I don't make money.

      I only join single tier and 2 tier programs within affiliate marketing sectors. My website lists and reviews several good networks where member affiliates are placed with member merchants under the same roof, and we work together to increase each other's success. You can see my home base site Here:

      My method is to create good website content within any given niche market. I target certain high commission products offered by several affiliate networks. These may be hot ticket items, sporting goods, electronics, member programs, health supplements, autographed team gear or whatever. I start with a good static html site about the product. Next I move to create a blog post to highlight the product further, with other perspectives and reviews posted by other users, then I run those blog posts up on rss to many other sites in the blogsosphere or social media space.

      Performance marketing includes this method. What other methods do you offer?