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    great idea, unexpected recipient.

    oakstick Newbie

      We have a product that we have invested heavily to protect by patent. We have
      also invested several thousand dollars into design, prototyping and testing which
      has yield a product we felt comfortable introducing to market.

      We ordered a small production for 1,000 units to present to our wholesale prospects
      as samples. We sold out in 2 weeks, at least a case of 100 to each store we visited.
      We just received an inquiry from a major global manufacturer interested in our product
      as an OEM part within their business. Completely unexpected.

      With no experience and no working capital I am doing the best to organize, outline a
      presentable business plan and develop immediate financing to meet our current needs
      and start building the company to profitablity.

      Are mentors available? The amount of information at my fingertips for starting and
      financing a business is enormous, I am a bit overwhelmed at the task at the moment.

      The owner has a very real opportunity to realize a minimum of 1 million in gross sales
      worldwide within 2 years time. If it's done right. My job is to make sure we do it right.
      Great ideas don't always come from the labs at industry giants, sometimes it's the little
      guy next door.

      Advice, criticisms, help, caveats, anything is welcome and appreciated at this point.


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          MoveForward Scout
          You need to speak to LUCKIEST he is with SCORE and an excellent mentor, find
          him in members. Also go to "Shark Tank Television Show" they are currently
          looking for new products for the 2010 season (not this season). This show is on
          Sunday nights.

          Best to you.
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              oakstick Newbie
              Thanks, I shall do that.
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                  I would contact someone in the same general industry, a bigwig. Go to your industry association and contact the president of the association. Outline your dilemma and see what he can come up with. (I just watched Shark Tank last night, and it is a HUGE farce. Don't waste your time.)

                  Also, if there is a consultancy group that specializes in your industry, that would be a good option.

                  Keep it as industry-specific as you can and you will find the right person.

                  And congratulations!
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                      MoveForward Scout

                      Curious why did you feel "Shark Tank" was not worth the time for those of us
                      in Small Business?


                      And would it not be dangerous for him to speak to a BigWig within this general
                      industry only to listen to him and run with his concept knowing they have the
                      capitol and banks behind them?

                      He need the Small Business Administration or SCORE to give him the steps
                      for financing, not the steps to see if his vision is what the industry will need.
                      He understands what he knows, he now needs to find capitol to move forward
                      and a step by step business plan.