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    best business without investment

    jingle33 Newbie
      Can anybody tell me the best business without investment.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          best business without investment

          For YOU?? or For ME??

          Go to Members page and share some info so that I can answer your question.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            You ask a question about business without an investment and post a link to bunk beds?

            Is this a trick question?

            NO you cannot have ANY BUSINESS without some form of investment. Nohting appears out of thin air; you have to invest time, energey, money, as well as not sleeping and eating because you are too busy creating.
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                YouCanTravel2 Wayfarer
                Any business owner will have some sort of overhead or "investment". You cannot start any type of business without doing so. The idea of the "Home Based Business" models are that the average person can be a business owner, too! By offering full turn-key business with minimal investment pricing, gives the average joe that opportunity they might've not had previously.

                Say for example (especially in this economy), that a mother of two, single, and on a minimal salary (let's say $30,000), would like to have her own business but simply cannot afford to do so.

                The Home Based Business world gives people like her the opportunity to own their own business, take advantage of tax benefits (since she would now be a "business owner"), and she now has the chance to supplement or replace her income entirely. It is the idea of changing the "trading time for dollars" Corporate America world with the "having time and money freedom" world of Home Based Businesses.

                I've been exposed to many home based businesses and have had a few successful ones in the past. Currently, I've focused on my one project I now have going, but am more than willing to give any advice to anyone who has questions about the home based business world!

                To Your Success!
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                mychaelt Newbie
                No such thing
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                  franklinb Adventurer
                  There is absolutely no business you can enter into without investment. Either you will invest money, or you will invest your time and sweat equity, or both. The only business people who invest nothing are those who inherit a business from family who have no one else to leave it to.

                  It is a kind of dumb question isn't it?