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    How to minimise the cost of a web designer service?

    alexmay38 Newbie

      I would like to make a simple website for my business. I just want to sell about 20 types of products in the beginning. The price range is $5 - $75. As i dont know anything about web designing, i decided to hire web designer for this. My questions are:

      1. How does a web designer is paid? Is it par page or par whole project?
      2. If i would like to add more products or change some products to my website, am i always have to be dependent on my web designer? Can i make the changement myself?

      Thank you for all your help.

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          amspcs Ranger
          Hello Alex. Let me attempt to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge--not that I'm a webdesigner or anything of the sort, but based on my experience of having launched a website from scratch for my own business. Also, professionally as a payment processing professional, I have worked with hundreds of businesses like yours launching their ecommerce ventures.

          Question No 1: All of the above, anything is possible and anything is negotiable. One of your criteria in selecting a hoster should be the available of arrangements that YOU are comfortable with. This includes financial arrangements.

          Question No 2: Again, depends on (a) your level of expertise and (b) arrangements made with your hoster/designer.

          The subject line of your post is "How to minimise (sp) the cost of a web design service". I have to tell you that nothing in ths world is free--you get what you pay for. If you're going to create an ecommerce site halfway chock full of shortcuts, you'd be much better off forgetting about it and keeping your money in your pocket. Either do it right or don't do it at all.

          Here's the name of the company who did our website, who I am very satisfied with and highly recommend.
          He'll talk with you and stand on his head to accomodate you. John Kelly, 6X6 Design, Do yourself a big favor and have a conversation with John.


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            MoveForward Scout
            I want to jump up and down and shout to you over this message. I have your solution.
            I know exactly what you are talking about. As an event planner we have to have a web
            site created for out Special Events. Each range between 1,000 to 2,500 then every time
            changes are made that is more money. Every time the event ends for that year sponsors
            logos need to come down, the next year info needs to go up and as sponsors join on
            back to placing them, etc. this was becoming a very big expense but the worst part
            dealing with the web designers and yes I said designerS because I have gone through
            enough of them. If there is a rain delay on an event I need it posted ASAP, but they
            can only see the tech side and their pace. To make a long story short, one day I blew
            up and told my assistant I was looking into the WebSite Templates, I did, but was too
            busy to stop....however, I decided on my four day Christmas holiday to spend time with
            GoDaddy WebSite Tonight and built a site I had always wanted to try but
            did not want to put out funds to a web designer on a whim. Guess what...
            I now have a site for a new project that I had a couple people ask who did the site.
            I can change when I want to, ad ads when I need too. I love working with it and it is sooo
            simple to do. Best of all it only cost me $200 a year that includes the domain name.
            Another site you can look at is HOMESTEAD Web Templates.

            Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions I can help you with. You
            may want to consider looking into Commission Junction and LinkShare to add
            revenue to your site.

            Best Wishes
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              dhanediesil6 Newbie
              From a Web Designer/Developers POV:

              Question 1: The payment method depends on the terms you set up with your designer/developer. I typically base my fees on my hourly rate.

              Fees and rates will vary from designer to designer, so expect rates as high as $125/hr to as low as $10/hr.

              But what is the difference?

              In my honest opinion, it depends on how confident the desiger/developer is with his/her skills.

              Some designers will quote per page, some per project, and some purely hourly.

              Understand that you do get what you pay for, so have an idea of how much you want to spend, and the scope of your project, and proceed from there.

              Question 2: Once again, this depends on the terms you set up with your designer/developer and also depends on how comfortable you are with working on your Website.

              You can do what ever you want because you're paying for it. Just make sure it's worth it to you.

              Most business owners believe that they save money by make updates and changes to their Websites themselves, but ultimately you end up spending more when you do it that way because the time you're spending trying to "figure it out" is time you don't get to spend doing what you really want to do, and what you're great at.

              Plus, you do have a business to run.

              Ultimately, you have to decide if you want to be bothered with making all the chages because like I said earlier, you're spending your money. You may think that by doing it yourself and only spending an hour doing it is saving you money, but really crunch the numbers to see if it's true.

              Lastly, Web Design is very subjective and open to interpretation. My recommendation is that you find a Web professional who you can consult with before you decide to start throwing money at a project with no legs.

              My two cents. Hope it helps!

              To Your Success,
              Dhane Crowley
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                vistasad Adventurer
                Ask for quotations from 4-5 different companies. Ask to see their previous work and ask them to show ecommerce related work. You'll get a good feel for the whole thing and know how to pay your web designer.
                When you actually go into the slection of design of the site one way of doing it is to look at existing sites which you like and meet the technical requirements.
                We are a web design and IM company. This is not a pitch. Best.
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                  John121 Newbie
                  Don't complicate your life. Just check out and give them a call.
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                      Hymesdesign Adventurer
                      The multiple quote route is probably your best deal in this situation, especially since your wanting to spend $5-$75 dollars. You did think about hositng right? Anyway look around, look around and then look around some more and eventually you'll find the perfect company, or more likely individual for your purposes. Feel free to view my site at, but you don't have to there's no obligation and I'm not really pitching myself just giving you another option.
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                          ninakacp Newbie
                          There are many free lance designers and the prices are just as many as the designers. Unfortunetly there are no regulations on pricing.
                          Many hosting companies offer a sitebuilder for free, and these do contain pretty good templates.
                          Website Tonight - good but not very user friendly for someone new to the web
                          SiteStudio - a bit more user friendly then Website Tonight but templates are not that easy to edit.
                          RVSIteStudio - of the three the most user friendly, the design you choose can be downloaded and edited with ease or you can use the built in wysiwyg designer.
                          The best thing is to create a basic template for yourself so all that you would have to do is change certain areas.
                          To minimize the cost of a web designer service is to become the web designer.
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                        AjithNY Wayfarer

                        It is based on the discussion you can decide whether you need to pay per page /whole project. alwasy whole proejct is good for you.
                        you can make change yourself if we design the site such manner and you can add 'n' number of product categories, products as well as new offers etc etc.


                        I would like to help you, why can't we meet online some time this week or next week ?
                        touch with me by email :